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Allen, Chris Counselor, Upper School; History Teacher, Upper School; Sophomore Grade-Level Chairman 
Ashworth, Audrey Assistant Director of Boarding Admission; Residential Duty Staff 
Atha, Tommy Assistant Director of Admission; Assistant Athletic Director; Head Football Coach 
Atkins, Christie Math Teacher, Upper School  
Babb, Chris Science Teacher, Upper School 
Babb, Jill Head of Cooper House; First-Year Experience Coordinator; iPeriod Coordinator 
Bagby, Jennifer Associate Director of Day Admission, PK -5 
Baldwin, Cristy Spanish Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Beard, Jeff Director of Dining Services 
Beckman, Andrew Middle Grades Science Teacher 
Beebe, J. J. Maintenance Manager, Facilities Services 
Bell, Brent Physical Education Teacher, Upper School 
Bell, Brent Head of School 
Bell, Kim Head of Regester House; Community Service Coordinator  
Bell, Kristen Learning Specialist, Upper School  
Bell, Paul Database Administrator and Technology Support, Information Technology 
Black, Jenna Art Teacher, Middle Grades 
Blackburn, Renee Student Health Center Nurse, Upper School 
Braden, Tammie Controller, Business Office 
Bradshaw, Steph Science Teacher, Pre-K to 8; Assistant Coach, Girls Soccer Academy; Residential Duty Staff 
Braun, Eric French Teacher, Upper School 
Brewer, Ivy Associate Dean of College Guidance; Senior Grade-Level Chairman; Residential Duty Staff 
Brown, Donny Athletic Trainer 
Brown, Tori PK-8 Teaching Assistant 
Bruce, Justin Learning Specialist, Upper School  
Cadwell, Collin Director of the Tennis Academy 
Calvert, Karen Head of House, Thornwood 
Calvert, Shane Assistant Director, Boys Soccer Academy 
Camp, Ann Orchestra Director, 3-12 
Clark, Sam English Teacher, Upper School  
Cleveland, Crystal World Language Department Chair, Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Cline, BeBe Fifth-Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8; 3-5 Team Leader, Pre-K to 8 
Collier, Patrick History Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Collins, Jennifer Content Manager, Communications 
Cooper, Eric English Teacher, Grades 6-8 
Cox, John Thatcher Chair of English, Upper School; College Advisor; Residential Duty Staff  
Crawford, Madge Executive Assistant to Dean of College Guidance  
Daniel, Shelley Theatre Director, 6-12  
Deaton, Jody Kindergarten Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Douglas, Julia Director of Annual Giving 
Eady, Carrie Human Resources Manager 
Eady, Stefan Assistant Head of School for Academic Resources; Director of Information Technology; Residential Duty Staff 
Earnest, Chris Network Administrator, Information Technology 
Eberhart, Chris Math Teacher, Pre-K to 8; Athletic Coordinator, Pre-K to 8: Director of Student Activities 
Ellison, Kippi Learning Specialist, Middle Grades 
Evans, Ashley Spanish Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Evans, Brant Dean of Student Life and History Teacher, Upper School 
Evans, Denise Executive Assistant to the Director of Student Life  
Exford, Kimberly Learning Specialist, Lower Grades 
Fine, Derek Technology Support Coordinator, Information Technology 
Fine, Julie Fifth Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Finley, Leslie Administrative Assistant, Business Office; Student Billing 
Flaherty, Chuck Web Developer, Information Technology 
Garrett, Kristy Teaching Assistant 
Garth-Fielder, Chloe English Teacher, Upper School  
Glover, Jenni Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer, Business Office 
Gordon, Cindy Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Advancement  
Greene, Scott Director of the Teaching and Learning Center 
Greene, Tonya Learning Specialist, Middle Grades 
Greeson, Debbie Development Services Officer, Advancement 
Guth, Eddie Director of Athletics 
Guth, Virginia First Grade Teaching Assistant 
Hamil, Doug Head of Moser House; Weekend Activities Coordinator 
Hamil, Paige Database Manager, Admission; Marketing Coordinator, Communications  
Harrison, Jan Executive Assistant to the Head of School 
Hawkins, Kim Student Health Center Nurse; Upper School  
Heflin, Kayla Spanish Teacher, Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Holmes, Melinda Director of Library Services  
Holst, Alli Personal Counselor, Upper School  
Hopkins, Julia Assistant to the Controller, Business Office 
Horah, Stephanie First Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Hudson, Mike Science Teacher, Upper School 
Human, Kimberly Music Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Hunt, Kevin Physical Education Teacher, Upper School  
Inman, Brian History Department, Upper School; Junior Grade Level Chair 
Inman, Tara Dean of Students for Global Education 
Ivester, Kevin Math Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Jacobs, Michael Librarian, Upper School 
Jacobs, Preston History Teacher, Upper School; Sports Events Coordinator; Residential Duty Staff 
Jones, Hope Director of Pre-K to 8; Residential Duty Staff  
Jordan, Molly Second Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Keith, Steven Middle Grades Band Director 
King, Tannika Director of Communications 
Kinney, Owen Science Department Chair, Upper School 
Kinney, Rebekah Technology Integration Coordinator, Information Technology 
Kuckhoff, Barbara Science Teacher, Upper School 
Larry, Matt Physical Education Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Lawson, Elisabeth Fourth-Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Leezer, Brendan Science Teacher, Upper School  
Liddle, Chad Director of Soccer Academy 
Liddle, Darcy Physical Education Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Lucas, Julie Chief Advancement Officer 
Luitwieler, Jennifer Learning Specialist, Upper School 
Luitwieler, Kurt Math Teacher, Upper School: Residential Duty Staff 
Mann, Susan Art Teacher, Pre-K to 1, 6-8; Spanish Teacher, Pre-K to 2 
Marshall, Gregg English Teacher, Upper School 
Martinez, Alex Facilities Director 
Massey, Jamie Third-Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Mathis, Thad Fourth Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8; Residential Duty Staff 
McConnell, Steve Third Grade Teacher, Pre-K to 8, Asst. Coach, Girls' Varsity Basketball, Head Coach, Middle School Girls' Basketball 
McDurmon, Kelly U.S. History and Modern World History Teacher, Wrestling Head Coach; J.V. Football Assistant Coach, Asst. Coach Varsity Cross Country 
McVety, Ben Choral Director, 6-12; Residential Duty Staff  
Merritt, Katie Media Arts Teacher, Upper School 
Montgomery, Joe Assistant Head of School for Strategic Initiatives  
Moss, Sam Dean of College Guidance; President of Darlington Chapter of the Cum Laude Society;Chairman of College Advisers; Residential Duty Staff 
Nolin, Rebecca Assistant Director, Girls Soccer Academy 
O'Mara, Kathy Art Teacher, Upper School; College Adviser 
Owens, Reid Upper School Spanish Teacher 
Payne, Wendy Executive Assistant to the Director of Pre-K to 8 
Peer, Jess Second Grade Teaching Assistant 
Peer, Matt Director of Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Pieroni, Angela Science Teacher, Pre-K to 8; Assistant Director of Pre-K to 8 
Pierson, Bradley Assistant Athletic Director 
Pollard, Beth Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations 
Ratledge, Dean Physical Education Teacher, PK-8 
Raymond, Alicia English Teacher, Pre-K to 8; Residential Duty Staff 
Rogers, Paige Library Associate, PK-8 
Rowsey, Kiki Math Teacher, Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Rush, Samantha History Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Shorey, Al Math Teacher, Upper School 
Sikes, Jennifer English Teacher, Upper School; 9th Grade Level Chair, Upper School 
Smith, Beth Pre-K Teacher, Pre-K to 8 
Smith, Randy Head of Summerbell House; Student Activities and Go Green Initiative Coordinator 
Smyly, Melissa English Teacher, Upper School 
Steeves, Charles Assistant Director of Boarding Admission, Admission; Residential Duty Staff 
Terry, Heather Administrative Assistant, Soccer Academy  
Thomas, Hillary Director of Student Health Services, Upper School 
Titus, Phil Science Teacher, Upper School; College Adviser 
Toney, Marissa Speed and Strength Development Intern 
Tunnell, Kim Director of Fine Arts 
Tunnell, Mark Director of Day Admission; Associate Director of Admission, 6-12  
Vincent, Vicki Director of Alumni Relations, Advancement 
Wagshul, Jonathan History Department Chair, Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Wagshul, Nan Admission Associate, Admission 
Ward, Kaitlin Librarian, Pre-K to 8 
Wardlaw, Beth Technology Integration Coordinator, Information Technology 
Watford, Donna Executive Assistant to the Director of Enrollment Management.  
Willerson, Jared History Teacher, Upper School 
Williams, Chris Director of Golf Academy 
Williams, Lindy Director of Enrollment Management 
Wood, Becca Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 
Woods, Chad Math Department Chair, Upper School; Residential Duty Staff 
Woods, Lindsay Bookstore Manager 
Zazzaro, Bebe Counselor, Pre-K to 8, Advisor, 6th - 8th Grade Student Council, Residential Duty Staff 
Zazzaro, John Head of Neville House; Boys' Life Coordinator 





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