Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Volunteer Leadership
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Volunteer Leadership

Get involved and make a difference.

Your connection to Darlington doesn't end when you graduate. Continue to spread the legacy of Darlington's commitment to wisdom, service, and honor by staying involved and giving back.
  • You can host an alumni and parent gathering in your area.
  • You can serve as a class agent for your class. Check the list below for a list of current class agents.
  • You can speak at Career Day, which takes place every other winter.
  • You can volunteer for The Darlington Fund.
  • You can help out with your next reunion.
  • You can write an article for the Darlington Magazine.
  • You can get involved with the Alumni Council or Young Alumni Council. Check the list to the right for current members.
  • You can help the Admission Office with student recruitment.

And, always, you can visit the campus, go to your reunions and local alumni events, and keep the entire Darlington community in the know about what you are doing by submitting class notes.


1948 Frank Barron
1953 John Hine
1954 Jim Ford
1955 Sid Yarbrough
1956 Bob Kane
1956 Richard Smith
1957 Alston Glenn
1957 Bob Ragan
1958 Jeff Godard
1960 Bob Withers
1961 Alex Wyatt
1962 Fred Neely
1962 John Shearer
1963 Bob Elkins
1966 Frank Virgin
1967 Lee Thuston
1968 James Moore
1968 David Muschamp
1968T Cathy O'Neill Dollar
1970 Tom Barron
1971T Elaine Hackett Smith
1972 Steven Winkler
1973 Steve Wilhoite
1974 Thom Young
1976 Jean Early
1977 Beth Johnson Higbie
1978 John Gilliland
1978 Chris Peacock
1979 Tony Massing
1980 Brad Skidmore
1981 Jule Peek
1982 Ruth Moyers Hallman
1982 Charlie Williams
1984 Madge Brown Crawford
1985 Wright Ledbetter
1987 Kimberly Murphy Moseley
1987 Steve Spinks
1987 Anne-Caroline Brown Taylor
1988 Brooke Brinson
1989 Lee Hark
1990 Carol Culpepper Seal
1991 Stephanie Denney Dunton
1992 Anna Jordan Hubbell
1992 Michelle Simmons Payne
1992 Claire Drummond Strowd
1993 Ben Levy
1993 Millie Payne Raynor
1994 Mark Rogers
1995 Scott Morris
1996 Ballard Betz
1996 Brooke Walker Irby
1997 Julie Wilson Lucas
1997 Vann Morris
1998 Regan Maki Couch
1998 Kim Parnell
1998 Molly Kelly Steeves
1999 Marie Hodge Gordon
2000 Skye Wellesley
2001 Whitney Keene Whittington
2002 Tiffany Horton
2002 Annie Rosen
2002 Miles Wellesley
2003 Lindsay Doss Raynor
2003 Ryan Somerville
2004 Xaivier Ringer
2005 Madison McRae Cauthen
2005 Kim King
2005 Ford Knight
2005 Brad Large
2006 Wes Henderson
2006 Strom Mull
2007 C. J. Cypress
2007 Christie Doss Perrin
2008 Mac Gilliland
2008 Izzy Hortman Pollard
2008 Patrick Wilson
2009 Korea Black Gilreath
2009 Bess Kelley Graham
2010 Cole Daniel
2011 Luke Cook
2011 Chandler Holcombe
2011 Charles King
2012 Kelsey Ann Williams Bassel
2012 Marissa McKoy Duggan
2012 Austin Spooner
2012 John Wilhoite
2013 Camille Temples Abney
2013 Mary Lyn Stegall
2013 Blair Holcombe Weiksner
2013 Madeline Gaffney Welborn
2014 Jordan Beck
2016 Hanna Jon Lewis
2017 Ethan Delashmit
2017 Kate Flory
2017 Brock Gardner
2017 Olivia Drake McFall
2018 Tigger Frix
2018 Alex Gardner
2018 Rosalee Kelley
2018 Sam Tackeberry
2019 Smith Wheeler