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Learning how to think. Not what to think.

At Darlington School, you'll never be a passive recipient of facts and figures that you dutifully memorize and just as dutifully forget after a quiz or test is turned in. We are designing learning experiences from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade that will prepare you for a lifetime of thoughtful living and learning.
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Creative Thinking

A curriculum of creativity and critical thought.

We know the world demands more from you than simple comprehension. Which is why we'll always tell you to dig deeper, and find new undiscovered solutions. In addition to promoting critical thinking, Darlington classrooms foster creative thinking by providing challenging, skills-based assignments that have more than one right answer. A classroom filled with creative thinking produces fluency, flexibility and originality while offering new ideas in a variety of diverse contexts and through an array of unique perspectives.

The Darlington Journey

As future leaders, our students grapple with challenges we can only imagine. At Darlington, we create a tailored private education that focuses on the needs of each individual age and skill level - inviting our children to lead, solve problems, and use their creativity throughout their academic career.


Hone your critical thinking and prepare for the rigors of college as you pursue your passions and become a confident, well-rounded graduate.


Dive deeper into subject matter and develop leadership and character as you flourish in Darlington's middle grade.


As your child grows, our curriculum grows with them, providing a strong foundation and a focus on critical thinking.


A private education centered around play, imagination and developmental skills.
Expanded Learning

An education crafted around you.

Darlington School offers a variety of programs, concentrations and areas of focus meant to help you reach your highest potential.

Teaching & Learning Center

At Darlington, we recognize that students learn through a variety of different learning styles. In 2006, we established a Teaching and Learning Center to help support and enhance the academic experience of all students.

Library Services

Darlington’s libraries are inviting spaces where active learning is paramount. They provide our community with multi-disciplinary databases and print resources, as well as instruction on how to accurately access, utilize, and critically analyze information.

Cycle of Learning

The Cycle of Learning drives Darlington's entire academic program, ensuring that all students graduate with the confidence, connections, and compassion they need to excel in college and in life.


Darlington's technologically-infused environment ensures that all students are well prepared for our digital world and for careers that don't even exist yet.