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RUMPUS is Coming!
Upper School | Jennifer Collins, January 11, 2019
RUMPUS is upon us and our Upper School students are crazed with amazing house themes, long rehearsals, elaborate costumes and all of the excitement that comes with this annual tradition.   

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5 Reasons Why I Give
Alumni | Marie Gordon, December 6, 2018
Part of the commitment my husband and I have made to Darlington, the place where we met and married, is support of The Darlington Fund, and I'd like to share five reasons #WhyIGive.

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Making an Impact with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship
Advancement | Carolyn Brearley, December 6, 2018
Since starting as the new director of GOAL in July, I have seen the amazing impact the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program has on students at Darlington School. Thanks to the support of our contributors, Darlington was able to provide 67 students with GOAL Scholarship funds this school year!  

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Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Stitt
Advancement | Julia Douglas, December 4, 2018
Volunteer Spotlight is an ongoing blog series that features interviews with a variety of Darlington alumni, parents, and friends about their careers, the impact their Darlington experience had on their lives, and how and why they serve the school as a volunteer. I am excited to share this Q&A with current parent Danielle Stitt.

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Unexpected Inspiration from a College Student and a Priest
Upper School | John Zazzaro, November 27, 2018
Recently with the Boys Life program, I had the opportunity to listen to Kwame Wireko ('15) share a very important message about giving. Coincidentally, I received the same message the following week from my own parish pastor.

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What Do Teachers Do on the Last Day of Break?
Upper School | Matt Peer, November 26, 2018
The last day of school vacations are times for students to physically and mentally prepare for the return to classes. For the employees of Darlington, these Mondays after breaks are filled with opportunities for us to continue to grow as lifelong learners.  

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Dominican Republic Final Update: Colonial Tour and Island Hopping
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 25, 2018
The group spent the last two full days in the Dominican Republic exploring the capital city of Santo Domingo and having fun on the beaches of Saona Island.

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Dominican Republic Trip Update Day 5: The Spirit of Thanksgiving
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 23, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!! The students and faculty spent the morning completing the aqueduct service project. Following the hard work of the morning everyone had an afternoon/evening of fun and relaxation filled with waterfalls, turkey, and s’mores.

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Dominican Republic Trip Update Day 4: Trenches, Shovels, and Pick Axes
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 21, 2018
The day was full of service. The group tirelessly dug trenches for an aqueduct system in a community near Jarabacoa. Everyone in the group would like to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and say thank you for following along with us on our adventure.

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Dominican Republic Trip Update: Day 3 Brings Fun in the Sun
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 21, 2018
The group spent some down time at the beach before traveling to Jarabacoa. Jarabacoa is in the mountain region of the country. The day finished with some fun, music, and dancing.

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Dominican Republic Update: Day Two at the Bateyes
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 20, 2018
The group returned to the Bateyes to complete some projects and start new ones. The evening was full of history and culture as well as good times shared by all.

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Dominican Republic Service Trip Update: A Day at the Bateyes
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 18, 2018
During the second day of our trip, students and chaperones spent the day at the Bateyes starting and finishing some service projects as well as getting to know more people in the local community. The Bateyes are communities of migrant workers, mostly Haitian workers, in the Dominican Republic.

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Dominican Republic Service Trip Update: Welcome to Ascala!!
Upper School | Jennifer Rundles, November 17, 2018
24 students and four chaperones headed to the Dominican Republic during Thanksgiving Break to learn about the culture of the different communities in the country and to work on service projects in some of the communities as well.

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Alumni Spotlight: Michael McAlpin (’94)
Alumni | Vicki Vincent, November 9, 2018
Alumni Spotlight is an ongoing blog series that features interviews with a variety of Darlington alumni about their careers and the impact their Darlington experience had on their lives. This week, I am excited to share a Q&A with Michael McAlpin ('94).

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Alumni Weekend: Reflections from a Class Agent’s 50th Reunion
Alumni | Becca Wood, November 8, 2018
The Darlington & Thornwood Class of ‘68 celebrated their 50th reunion during Alumni Weekend this year. David Muschamp ('68) shares his thoughts on Alumni Weekend and the Class of ‘68 50th reunion.

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Senior Night: Join us tonight in thanking our seniors!
Upper School | Eddie Guth, November 2, 2018
Tonight is a special night at Chris Hunter Stadium as we take time to honor our seniors, and I hope you can attend. We will recognize seniors participating in all of our fall sports as our varsity football team faces Whitefield Academy with kickoff at 7:30 p.m.

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Senior Retreat Means Reality Beyond the Screens
Upper School | Alicia Raymond, October 26, 2018
Here are my reflections from the Senior Retreat, which was amazing. No, seniors who weren’t best of friends before the retreat became automatic besties and no, the Senior Retreat didn’t reveal the answers to a complicated 18-year-old life’s problems. But for 24 hours, I saw students interact with each other.  I saw students with smiles that I don’t normally see during dorm duty. The Senior Retreat allowed the seniors to come together as a grade away from tests, away from scores, away from demerits, to just be.

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Darlington Magazine Coming Soon
Curriculum Connections | Tannika King, October 25, 2018
Keep an eye out for the fall 2018 edition of Darlington Magazine, which will arrive in mailboxes soon.

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The 12 Days of Arts
Fine Arts | Kim Tunnell, September 27, 2018
Darlington’s annual Fall for the Arts is just around the corner and this year we will celebrate the arts during the first 12 days of October. The festivities will culminate with a celebration at our annual festival on Friday, Oct. 12.

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Celebrating Banned Books Week
Library Services | Michael Jacobs, September 24, 2018
Celebrating Banned Books Week with words and art from author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Chris Riddell.

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