Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Darlington School: Day #SeniorSpotlight: Zoe Rahn 
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Day #SeniorSpotlight: Zoe Rahn

Tannika King | April 20, 2022 | 251 views

A Darlington student is made up of many things. None of which is average. We help our students develop their interests, passions and pursuits, because we believe every individual has something to contribute. We also believe that only when you're 100% you, are you 100% Darlington. 

Here at Darlington, every student’s path is different. We think that's a good thing. 

In this #SeniorSpotlight, get to know Zoe Rahn, a four-year day student from Rome whose Senior Ventures project investigates how the environment, COVID-19, and other factors affect mental illnesses in girls and what their brains look like when affected.            
When you think of Darlington, what three words come to mind first?
Welcoming, fun, academically challenging

When you think of high school, what song comes to mind? 
“High School Musical” – the song from the last movie

What's your favorite show to binge watch?     
“New Girl”

What house are you a member of?     
Thornwood House    

What are you involved in at Darlington?
Cross country, track, Senior Ventures

If you play sports, who is your favorite coach and why?    
Coach Hunt. He's very funny and knows how to push people in the right way.    

What's your favorite place on campus and why?    
The library. I can talk to my friends there and get work done.    

Who's your favorite teacher and why?  
Mrs. Haynes. She made a subject I didn't like fun and she's super funny and kind.    

What's your favorite thing about Darlington?    
How welcoming everyone is.    

Describe an experience that you've had at Darlington that you couldn't have had anywhere else.     
I got to meet people from all over the world.    

What are some of the ways you've grown since you first came to Darlington?     
I have become more confident in myself.    

Where do you want to go to college and what is your dream job?    
Boston University. Surgeon.

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