Darlington School: Upper School Student Leaders Inducted 
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Upper School Student Leaders Inducted

September 9, 2021 | 383 views

Upper School students in various leadership positions were officially inducted into their roles at this week's chapel service. Organizations included the Student Council, Honor council, Discipline Committee, the "Y Cabinet, House leadership, and student activities. 

Student Council

William Feng, President
Chinelo Okafor, 12th Grade Class Rep
Johnny Qin, 12th Grade Class Rep
Mason Wu, 12th Grade Class Rep
Belle Brooks, 11th Grade Class Rep
Connor Brown, 11th Grade Class Rep
Jake Day, 11th Grade Class Rep
David Edwards, 10th Grade Class Rep
Eva Mosley, 10th Grade Class Rep
Aiden Parsa, 10th Grade Class Rep

Discipline Committee

Maria Peloggia Pinto, President
Gracie Willerson, Vice President
Eli Mayes, 12th Grade Class Rep
Christian McCluney, 12th Grade Class Rep
Belle Brooks, 11th Grade Class Rep
Conner Brown, 11th Grade Class Rep
Slade Clevenger, 11th Grade Class Rep
Jennifer Hughes, 10th Grade Class Rep
Kayo Lufadeju, 10th Grade Class Rep

Honor Council

Mary Mac Pittman, President
Anaya Desai, Vice President
Brock Lignell, Secretary
William Feng, Executive Committee 
Sia Patel, Executive Committee
Grace Ann Lundy, 12th Grade Class Rep
Jonna Massey, 11th Grade Class Rep
Addison Payne, 11th Grade Class Rep
Mary Kate Bojo, 10th Grade Class Rep
Charlie May, 10th Grade Class Rep
Maddox Pyle, 10th Grade Class Rep


Y Cabinet

Grace Ann Lundy
Lucy Altmann
Sarah Tunnell
Kate Scott
Ryland Scott
Virginia Olivera
Clare Graham
Maria Peloggia Pinto 
Emily Ann Trebus
Ameila Whitefield
Jake Day Allison King
Christa Twyman
Abigail Baggett
David Edwards
Isabella Spears
Jack Yang 
Jack Cowan
Emma Atkins
Johnny Qin 
Miles Shropshire


House Leadership

Summerbell House

Grant Sikes
Logan Floyd
Aiden Parsa
Mackay Rush
Connor Brown
Link Lignell
Thomas Bethel 
Michael Kearns 
Brock O’Hearn 
Johnny Qin 

Neville House

Mason McKenzie
Christian McCluney
Landon Liddle
Jack Good
Braden Bell
Noah Morris 
Jack Quandt 

Moser House

Joey Kight
Maddox Pyle
Jack Cowan
Bagley Larry
Roy Berglund 
Elijah Willie 
John Black 

Cooper House

Stephanie Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Maya Pandya
Karina Patel
Luci Saxton
Mollie Sabourin
Emmaline Ratledge
Trinity Ziegler 
Emma Adams 
Mika Lynn 

Thornwood House

Emily Ann Trebus
Sophie Shumate
Christa Twyman
Evie Shadday
Lindsey Kelley
Maria Pellogia Pinto 
Zoe Anderson 
Doris Kang 
Liz Boyd 
Sydnee Barndt 

Regester House

Sarah Tunnell
Amelia Whitefield
Kate Scott
Anaya Desai
Alex Tran
Ava Belle Holcombe
Logan Parker 
Maddie Schick 
Ziyi Yang 
Michelle White 
Nadejda Spasova 
Eva Mosley