Darlington School: 6 to 8 Art Block Drama Class Presents "Help Desk" 
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6 to 8 Art Block Drama Class Presents “Help Desk”

Shelley Daniel | May 11, 2021 | 367 views

Poster designed by seventh-grader Kensie Waller

The 6 to 8 Art Block Drama Class is pleased to present "Help Desk," a virtual comedy written by Don Zolidis and produced with special arrangement by Playscripts, Inc. at www.playscripts.com. This production will have limited release dates and passcode-protected access on ShowTix4U due to the requirement of the contract with the publisher. With each ShowTix4U access code, audiences will be able to access the digital production for 48 hours during the one-week production run. "Help Desk" opens for audience enjoyment on Wednesday, May 12, at 7 p.m. and viewing access will close on Tuesday, May 18, at 7 p.m. Ticket sales will open at 7 p.m. May 12 and will be available for purchase through Tuesday, May 18 at 5 p.m. All tickets are free.


"This one-act 'stay at home' comedy presented by our talented 6 to 8 Art Block Drama Class is something they can all be proud of,” said Shelley Daniel, theater director. “These 14 students have worked all spring tackling new personal performance goals and learning more about the acting process while also exploring how scene work could be accomplished in a digital setting. They rehearsed in class, recorded audio files of their scenes and then filmed their scenes at home listening to their scene partner in their ear. Students started the process by setting individual goals based on their fall project, table reading a wide variety of scripts, selecting a script they wanted to produce, participating in auditions, mastering the memorization process, working on character development and rehearsal process, recording audio, designing costumes, filming their scenes at home, receiving director feedback and then refilming based on their notes. Once again, our Drama students have worked very hard and had a ton of fun together. I am so proud of them!”

The Story

When you call the help desk, you're looking for a solution - but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you're getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to a scammer, or having serious conversations with a clown, customer service calls spiral into absurdity for the customers and employees alike in this hilarious comedy.

The Cast

Katie Beth Allen - Bailey, Masha
Camille Cross - Dani, Vic
Heidi Holder - Mabel, Val
Harrison Inman - Charlie, Wade
Sydney Jennings - Miley, Brin
Angeline Myrie - Carmen, Milena
Kaya Nadu - Claire, Angel
Charlie Patel - Preston, Boris
Ella Peer - Sara, Jess
Sara Jo Pierce - Boffo, Wendy
Emily Richie - Talula, Tori
Alexa Segura - Monique, Tamara
Evie Shropshire - Merida, Brooke
Kensie Waller - Tammy, Jeralyn

Poster Designer: Kensie Waller

Student Reflections

“It was a wonderful opportunity, it taught me time management and helped with public speaking skills.” Katie Beth Allen, 8th Grade

“It was a fun experience and it let me be very creative.” Camille Cross, 6th Grade

“This show was very interesting. We have shown everyone that we get through anything and everything” Heidi Holder, 7th Grade 

“It was interesting, and taught me how much I love silence. Wearing a full costume with make up was a strange and new experience.” Harrison Inman, 7th Grade

“It taught me how to manage my time’’ Sydney Jennings, 6th Grade

“It was great to be able to do a show even though it wasn’t in person." Angeline Myrie, 8th Grade

“During filming, I learned how to work with an audio partner. At first it was hard, hearing my own voice while having to say the same thing, but after a lot of practice, I got the hang of it.” Kaya Nadu, 7th Grade

“I believe that this play taught me how to film and use audio effectively. I had fun filming and I hope others can share a laugh with this show.” Charlie Patel, 8th Grade

“I have had a really fun experience filming, it has also let me go out of the box with my personality.” Ella Peer, 6th Grade

“It was very fun and it helped with my acting skills. It was challenging to listen and wait for my turn. I hope this show will bring a lot of belly laughs.” Sara Jo Pierce, 6th Grade

“This process has helped me so much in my acting, getting out of my comfort zone, and learning the filming process. It was also fun getting to work with different grades. I hope this show can give people a laugh in these crazy times” Emily Richie, 8th Grade

“This experience was really an amazing one. It was so fun getting to do this process again and learning more about technology, while doing what I love.” Alexa Segura, 8th Grade

“A very cool process and I loved how it all turned out! Costumes are a big part of Drama and I’m so happy that I could be apart of this project!” Evie Shropshire, 6th Grade

“Getting into costume and acting at home was a different experience and I’m excited for people to see it” Kensie Waller, 7th Grade