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Alumni to Follow: Katy Clawson Allan (’00)

Becca Wood | April 25, 2020 | 899 views

Alumni to Follow is a blog series that features interviews with a variety of Darlington alumni about their careers in blogging, social media, music, art, and more and how you can follow them. 

Today's post features Katy Clawson Allan (’00), content creator and founder for "Savoring the Flavoring".

Tell us about Savoring the Flavoring.

Savoring the Flavoring is a food blog and Instagram account (and now YouTube channel!) that I started to share both the recipes I was using to feed my family healthfully after moving back to the south from Southern California, as well as my unfiltered experiences raising three boys. I wasn’t finding any bloggers or Instagrammers with whom I could really relate. Everyone’s blog or feed was very highly curated and perfect, seemingly making their lives appear perfect as well. That wasn’t me. My house was always a mess, my kids weren’t always well behaved and I was rarely wearing anything other than workout clothes with zero makeup and dirty hair, so I wanted to show that in case there were other women out there like me who needed to know they’re not alone.

What have you learned as the Content Creator/Founder for Savoring the Flavoring?
I’ve learned so much - obviously a lot of basic technical skills in which I was never professionally trained, like photography and videography, and honing my cooking skills even further. The biggest lesson thus far that’s really helped a people-pleaser like me evolve is understanding and accepting that I can’t please everyone, and that’s ok. I shouldn’t try to. I create what makes me happy and helps me, and if that improves someone else’s day, then those are my people!

What is your greatest career accomplishment?
I’ve been really lucky thus far in terms of the opportunities I’ve had the past few years. I’ve built fantastic relationships with brands I love. I was the very first ambassador for the South region for Whole Foods’ Local campaign, which was such a huge deal to me. Probably my biggest career accomplishment though is really just being able to build this career, from zero capital, as a stay-at-home mom, from things that I absolutely love doing each day, like cooking and storytelling and making people laugh. 

Can you share any of your easy recipes, tips, or tricks for people managing life at home during this time?
My big thing is that I always try to incorporate fruits and veggies into my boys’ meals and snacks, so I try to think of things they love eating, but give them a veggie-fied twist. So pizza, for instance; who doesn’t love pizza?? One super simple lunch or big snack I do for them that they love is mini bell pepper pizzas or mini zucchini pizzas. I’ll lay out mini bell peppers halved lengthwise or sliced zucchini rounds on a little baking sheet, top them each with a little dollop of marinara, a little shredded mozzarella, maybe a little pepperoni or whatever toppings I have on hand, then bake in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted. They get devoured because they taste like pizza, and I’m happy because the boys just got a serving of veggies in.

Other tips I use all the time to add veggies into meals, which is even more crucial during times like this:

Make cauliflower rice by pulsing cauliflower florets in a food processor until it’s a rice consistency, then saute and add to any dish in place of rice - or for pickier kids, you can do half regular rice/half cauliflower rice.  Additional tips:

  • Add roasted spaghetti squash into your regular spaghetti.
  • Puree steamed cauliflower and stir into mashed potatoes.
  • Add riced cauliflower to soups and chilis.
  • Add riced cauliflower, broccoli or brussels sprouts into meatballs or burger patties.
  • Add frozen cauliflower, frozen zucchini or fresh spinach into your smoothies. The spinach is an easy, basically tasteless way to add nutrition, and the frozen veggies will add both nutrients AND a thicker, fluffy texture - and you won’t even taste the difference.

You were back on campus recently to speak at career day, how have things changed since you graduated?

It was so unbelievably cool to be back, and to be invited to speak! The athletic center was amazing - definitely a huge improvement since I graduated! The new dorms looked great. I thought it was cool that everyone was wearing uniforms - that would’ve saved me a lot of hassle as a teenager. Honestly though, there was so much that felt so familiar as soon as I stepped foot on campus - the lake, the chapel, seeing some of my old classmates who were also there to speak that day. It’s funny how that feeling of comfort and camaraderie never really goes away.

Darlington’s Motto is “Wisdom more than Knowledge, Service beyond Self, and Honor above Everything.” What ways have you applied the motto to your life?
I’ve always strived to approach any challenge with a level head and an open mind, and I try to always be sure I’m making decisions with integrity. I’ve turned down lucrative sponsorships over the years because the product or brand just wasn’t something I felt good about selling or wasn’t something I would ever use on a regular basis or feed to my children. It’s important to me that people can trust in what I’m recommending.

Tell us how people can follow you.
Blog: http://www.savoringtheflavoring.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/savoringtheflavoring/ (@savoringtheflavoring)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savoringtheflavoring/ (@savoringtheflavoring)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsDwyfcTvjeW8nRY-Q7UQg (Savoring the Flavoring TV)

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