Darlington School: Darlington to host Atlanta Boys and Girls College Exposure Camps

Darlington to host Atlanta Boys and Girls College Exposure Camps

December 5, 2017 | 309 views

This month, Darlington School will play host to hundreds of elite soccer athletes during the Atlanta Boys and Girls College Exposure Camps. The girls’ camp will be held on Saturday, Dec. 9, and the boys’ camp will be held the following day on Sunday, Dec. 10. Both camps are for ages 13-19. 

The camps are designed by college coaches for the elite-level club and U.S. soccer academy player in mind. Over 25 college coaches will be in attendance, providing skill instruction during technical warm-ups as well as small sided and full field games.

College coaches evaluate in the moment using a proprietary app and all players will receive both verbal feedback and a digital evaluation. Each player will receive one-on-one time with college coaches and speed and agility testing will help players see how they stack up against other players in their graduation year. There will also be a NCAA seminar geared towards preparing players for the NCAA process. 

“I attended a similar event that was held in Tampa and was tremendously impressed,” said Chad Liddle, director of Darlington School Soccer Academy. “The list of colleges in attendance is impressive for both days, and this camp usually sells out at 265 players each day.”

Learn more about the College Exposure Camp and register by visiting www.collegesoccerexposure.com