Darlington School: Pre-K to 8 Parent and Student Handbook 2018-2019
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Pre-K to 8 Parent and Student Handbook 2018-2019

Lice Policy

Procedure for Managing Head Lice
Head lice are parasitic insects that are most commonly found among young school-age children and their respective families. They do not carry communicable disease and only live 18-24 hours off a host. They cannot jump or fly, so they are primarily spread through direct head-to-head contact. Nits are lice eggs attached to the base of the hair shaft. Neither personal hygiene nor home or school cleanliness are a determining factor for lice.
Our school is responsible for inspection, not treatment, of head lice, and it cannot guarantee that every single case will be identified. The primary goal is to keep students in the classroom as long as medically safe, so their learning can continue. However, Darlington School understands that head lice can be very disruptive in a family’s household.
Please note these following steps:
1. Students in the classroom who are suspected of having head lice or nits will be inspected by school personnel. Parents who find live lice or nits in their child's hair, or who have questions or concerns should contact their child's teacher or administrator.
2. If live (crawling) lice and/or nits are found, the parents will be notified and the child will be sent home for treatment. The child may return 24 hours after treatment has begun.
3. The parent will be responsible for treating the lice/nits before the child can return to school. (Notifying the child’s friends is advised.) If you need medical advice about treatment, please contact your child's pediatrician.
4. School personnel will perform an inspection upon return. Parents must also inform the school that treatment was administered. Treatment (including combing) should continue until all nits are absent from the child's hair. A follow-up shampoo treatment is also encouraged 7-10 days after the initial treatment.
5. The school will send an email notification to parents and teachers in the classroom and/or grade level, excluding personal identification information, stating that a case of head lice has been reported and asking parents to check their child’s hair.
6. School personnel will re-check the students 7-10 day after initial identification.


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