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Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Yancey Library

Thatcher Hall

The Joanne G. Yancey Library, which serves all students in grades Pre-K to 8, contains over 14,000 books and DVDs, provides access to many digital subscription resources, and offers 30 magazine titles for varying ages. The library is open Monday through Friday during the school day, and is also open after school daily during Power Hour.

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First Library Classes of the Year

September 9, 2021
Students in Thatcher Hall enjoy library class and checkout time.

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3rd Grade Wax Museum: Celebrating our Healthcare & Frontline Heroes

March 18, 2021
Third-graders welcomed their friends and guests to the "Darlington Clinic" for the 10th Annual Wax Museum.

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Pre-K to 8 Students Cast Their Votes!

November 3, 2020
Students from grades pre-K to 8 exercised their "constitutional rights" and cast their votes on Election Day at the Darlington Precinct in the Thatcher Hall library!

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Joanne G. Yancey Book Character Pumpkins

October 27, 2020
From trolls to dragons, we’ve got it all in the Joanne G. Yancey library pumpkin patch.

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4th Annual Book Character Pumpkin Contest

October 23, 2020
The pumpkin patch is back in the Joanne G. Yancey library at Thatcher Hall! For the fourth annual Book Character Pumpkin Contest, students and faculty decorated pumpkins to look like their favorite book characters. 

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Library Farewell to 8th-Graders

May 1, 2019
Our eighth-graders will be missed in the Joanne G. Yancey library, but their favorite books will live on for others to enjoy.

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3rd Grade Learns about Earth Day

April 17, 2019
Third-graders learned about Earth Day during their library class and why it is important for us to protect and celebrate our Mother Earth.

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Coding Activity in the Library

April 12, 2019
Kindergarten students help the gingerbread man get home through a coding activity.

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Having Fun in the Yancey Library!

April 12, 2019
Pre-K to second-graders have all kinds of fun and learn at the same time during their library class.

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4th-Graders "Conquer the Realm"

April 12, 2019
Fourth-graders come to the Joanne G. Yancey library to work on reading projects for the Conquer the Realm reading challenge.

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