Darlington School: Grades 6-8 Hall 
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Grades 6-8 Hall

Thatcher Hall

In the upstairs of Thatcher Hall you will find our Middle Grades classrooms, science labs, and visual arts room.

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7th Grade Earthworm Dissections

September 21, 2021
Seventh grade Life Science students performed an earthworm dissection in class today!

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7th Grade Explo Plays Snake Oil Speech Game

September 21, 2021
In the seventh grade Ted Talks Exploratory class, students play a game called Snake Oil.

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6th Grade Construction Project: Painting Begins!

February 10, 2021
Mr. Eberhart's sixth grade consumer science students started painting the stools that they've been building for their pre-K to 2 friends.

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6th Grade Construction Project: Assembling and Testing the Stools

February 5, 2021
Mr. Eberhart's sixth grade consumer science class continued their work on the stools they are making for their pre-K to 2 friends.

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7th Trade Ted Talks

February 4, 2021
From sports to engineering, seventh-graders talk about their passions in the Ted Talks exploratory class.

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6th Grade Construction Project: Day 1

February 1, 2021
Sixth-graders in Mr. Eberhart's consumer science class are starting a new project: building stools for the Pre-K to 2 students! Today they learned the safety rules and basics of using a variety of tools including the saw, hammer, screwdrivers, power drill, speed triangle, and sander.  

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Ted Talks in 7th Grade Exploratory

October 14, 2020
After several weeks of studying different Ted Talks and doing practiced speeches, some seventh-graders gave their own Ted Talks in front of their peers.

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Curriculum Spotlight: 7th Grade Life Science

PK-8 | Jennifer Collins, October 6, 2020
Seventh-graders in Ms. Steph Bradshaw's Life Science class have been studying about ecology and biomes. They were recently challenged with writing a song and producing a video detailing what they have learned.

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Middle Grades Design Thinking: Mini Golf Course Almost Finished!

October 2, 2020
Ms. Bradshaw's middle grades design thinking class has been building a mini golf course over the past few weeks and today was their final design day.

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Algebra Scavenger Hunt

October 1, 2020
Mr. Eberhart’s Algebra 1 honors class participated in a scavenger hunt of “multi-step equations with variables on both sides” throughout the middle school hallway.

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