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College Visits

Students are encouraged to begin visiting colleges early in their high school years, using vacation periods and family trips as good opportunities. By the beginning of their junior year, students should be seriously considering their college selection and planning college visits for spring break and the summer before their senior year. College visits are absolutely essential to the success of the student’s college search and are, without question, one of the most important components of the college admissions process.

College trips should also be planned well in advance. To miss a class, students must complete and submit a College Leave Form before the trip (available in the Student Life Office or Planned Absence/College Leave Form.

Standardized Testing

School-Day testing: All underclassmen are required to take the PSAT in October during the school day. This score is also used as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) when taken in the junior year. In March of the junior year, all juniors are required to take the school-day SAT. In October of the senior year, all seniors are required to take the school-day SAT.

Non-school-day testing (testing on Saturdays): Additionally, juniors are encouraged to take an additional SAT or ACT, offered from December through July, outside of the school day (tests are offered on Saturdays). Seniors are encouraged to take an additional SAT or ACT, offered from August through December, outside of the school day. Darlington is a testing center for many of these tests; students may also choose to test in their hometown.

International students: Non-native speakers of English should take the TOEFL or Duo Lingo test to demonstrate their English proficiency. Tests are available online or in nearby Atlanta or Gadsden, Alabama. Students needing transportation for a test in Atlanta should contact the Student Life Office.

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