Marcus Holmes

Former Faculty

Marcus has been a resident faculty member at Darlington since 2006 and currently serves as dean of residential life and head of Thornwood House. He previously served as desktop support specialist, but made the transition to head of house in 2009 so he and his family could be more involved in student life. Marcus’ background in the residential environment, both as a former boarding student and a resident faculty member, make him a natural for this role. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. Marcus enjoys skydiving, SCUBA diving, spelunking and spending time with his family. His wife, Melinda, is Darlington’s director of library services, and his daughters, Addie (’17) and Julia (’18), are current students.

College Education
B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University

Student Spotlight: Palesa Molapo ('17)

July 1, 2016
Domestic boarding student Palesa Molapo ('17) talks about life in the dorms, what it means to be a Darlington Tiger, and how the Honor Code has impacted her independent school experience. Molapo came to Darlington as a freshman from Dacula, Ga.

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See Something. Say Something.

Student Life | Marcus Holmes, June 23, 2016
Last week, I attended a two-day training session titled "Crisis Management for School Based Incidents for Key Decision Makers," and one point was hammered home over and over again: See something. Say something.

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Hypnotist to bring live comedy show to Upper School audience

March 10, 2016
In partnership with the Student Life Office, Darlington’s Upper School Tiger PRIDE parent association will present a live comedy show featuring Master Hypnotist Erick Känd on Friday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. in the Van Es Arena. The event is free and open to all Upper School students.

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7 Similarities Between My Thrill-Seeking Hobbies & Successful Students

Student Life | Marcus Holmes, October 9, 2015
Dean of Residential Life Marcus Holmes compares the traits of a successful dive (SCUBA or sky!) with those of a successful student.

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Home Away From Home & the ASSIST Family Supper

Student Life | Marcus Holmes, August 31, 2015
Sunday night, I witnessed how the greater Darlington Community supports the residential program. Thanks to the hard work and effort by Beverly Schrum and Lauren Sklar, the ASSIST students were treated to a fabulous Southern Summer Supper at the home of Marc and Lauren Sklar.

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My Senior Speech: 'Do Not Be Afraid of the Unknown'

Student Life | , April 30, 2015
As Darlington students, we are called to do so much more than just receive the knowledge; we are called to serve our community, to share what we know with others, and to go out into the world with confidence in ourselves and our beliefs, we are called to make relationships and push ourselves to the limit. Read more about my experience as a Darlington student.

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5 Boarding School Myths: BUSTED

Admission | Marcus Holmes, February 20, 2015
As a product of boarding school myself, I can assure you that boarding programs provide an incredibly supportive and connected environment in which to live, learn and grow. In my opinion, boarding school is a college and life prep environment in its truest sense. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths associated with boarding school that inspire negative assumptions. I am here to debunk them.

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Burnett's parents return to inspire healthy choices

February 10, 2015
As a part of a continued commitment to health and wellness inside and outside of the classroom, Darlington recently welcomed David and Yvette Burnett back to campus for a special chapel presentation. Their son Chase was an honor student who died at age 16 following his usage of synthetic marijuana.

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Helping Teens Understand the Responsibility That Comes with a Driver's License

Student Life | Marcus Holmes, October 7, 2014
The discipline required of an adolescent to be a safe driver is terrifying. Therefore, state-mandated driving restrictions require a certain level of devotion. Together, we must help our 16- and 17-year-old independent dependents understand their new obligation.

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On the Road Again (for Learning!)

Library Services | Melinda Holmes, September 30, 2014
Summer travels lend opportunities for learning about information literacies and reading comprehension when combined with technology.

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