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With over 200 leadership positions available at Darlington School, students are able to find their niche and make their mark. Whether it’s through appointment to the Honor Council, running the recycling effort within your residence hall, volunteering on the Prom Committee, or simply serving as a mentor to a freshman who is struggling academically, Darlington students are leaders in all areas of campus life.

Admission Tiger Experts
The Admission Tiger Experts is comprised of a select group of student liaisons who assist Darlington’s admission staff with campus tours, open house events and other office duties.

Discipline Committee
The Discipline Committee is comprised of 9 elected students and five faculty members. Its goal is to lead each student toward a sense of responsibility to the school community. Counseling and guidance for each student appearing before the committee is a very important role played by its members.

Honor Council
The Student-led Honor Council is comprised of representatives from grades 9-12 and is assisted by one faculty adviser. The purpose of the Honor Council is two-fold: to increase students’ understanding of the Honor Code and to preserve its integrity by giving justice to any student under suspicion of dishonesty.

Student Council
The Student Council is a body of student leaders, elected by the student body, that supports and promotes the Darlington School’s mission by advocating and providing opportunities for the student body that are founded in wisdom, service, and honor. The Student Council acts as a group of representatives to the administration from the student body to make Darlington a better place for students.

Servant Leadership Committee
The Servant Leadership Committee is comprised of 12 Upper School students who create, organize and develop service opportunities in the Rome community as well as around the world. These students are very passionate about the many opportunities that Darlington has to lend a helping hand.

Spiritual Life Committee
The Spiritual Life Committee is comprised of 12 students, both day and resident, who have a desire to enhance the spiritual life of all students on the Upper School campus. Spiritual liaisons assist with planning and running chapel services each week and help facilitate a weekly inter-faith discussion group.

Student Leadership in the Houses
Each of Darlington’s six residential houses has five or more student leadership positions, such as head prefect, academic liaison, house manager and international liaison, to name a few. This allows students the opportunity to play an active role in both their residence hall and in the culture of the school.

“Y” Cabinet
The “Y” Cabinet is a religious life organization directed by a student-elected cabinet composed of representatives from each grade. It affords a means of expression and an opportunity for service for those who desire to lead an active religious life. Among other activities, the “Y” Cabinet often sponsors clothing and food drives for local, national and international charities.





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