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Honor Code

Honor Code

The pledge of “honor above everything” is a school-wide approach of instilling integrity and respect in our student body. To promote and insure the honesty of all members of the student body, Darlington students incorporated an Honor System in 1915. For over a century, the Honor System has been governed by a student-elected and student-run council.

The chief purpose of Darlington’s Honor Code is to create and maintain within each member of the Darlington Community the proper attitude towards honor and honorable living. Throughout one’s daily activities and interactions at Darlington, a spirit of fair play and truth is encouraged, while dishonorable conduct is not tolerated. We value this school-wide approach of instilling integrity and respect in our student body.

At the beginning of the school year, during a special honor ceremony, Upper School faculty and students declare their honorable intentions and publicly acknowledge their support of the Honor System by signing a pledge to follow and uphold the Honor Code. Faculty and students alike are responsible for maintaining and upholding the principles and ideals of the Honor Code, in order to keep “honor above everything.”

The Honor Pledge

The Honor Pledge, a reminder and reaffirmation of student awareness of honor, is the most visible part of the Honor Code. The pledge is posted in each classroom and office. On a daily basis, students write out and sign the Honor Pledge on tests, examinations, papers, and other assignments:

“On my honor as a Darlington student, I pledge that I have neither given nor received any assistance on this assignment.”

To accomplish the mission of the Honor Code, every member of the Darlington community pledges to follow and uphold the Honor System’s four guiding principles:

  • I will not lie.
  • I will not cheat.
  • I will not steal.
  • I will not tolerate any dishonorable behavior on the part of myself or others.





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