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We encourage our students to get connected

Whether it’s a powder puff football game, karaoke night, an afternoon volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club, opening night of the school musical or an outdoor volleyball match, at Darlington there is always something in motion. We encourage our students to get involved and become connected to both the school and local communities through social and cultural activities as well as through servant leadership.

Student life at Darlington finds its richness in its diversity. By their senior year, our students are likely to find themselves working alongside others who have been here since pre-K as well as first-year residents from far-off countries like Germany or China. Through creative partnerships, Darlington’s boarding community and stretches far beyond the Upper School. Outreach programs for students in grades Pre-K to 88 allow day students at all levels to interact and learn about real places that many have only seen on a map or in photos.

We are one school with two distinct divisions, each of which is able to maintain its own identity while continuing to strive toward the goals outlined in the school’s mission.

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