Endowment Benefits at Darlington

Darlington School

Benefits of establishing a named fund

For more details on endowment policies and gifts, please contact Beth Pollard, controller.

Your contribution will benefit future generations.
Endowment funds offer permanent financial support because of the income generated through careful investment management. The endowment fund you establish or support will benefit the students of today and tomorrow in perpetuity.
You will leave a lasting legacy that is forever linked with Darlington School.
The investment income earned from your fund will be used exclusively for the fund’s stated purpose, and will be generated forever. It is Darlington’s policy to invest all endowment funds in a balanced and broadly diversified portfolio comprised of conservative, fixed-income securities (bonds and money market funds) as well as more aggressive equity securities (stocks and managed stock funds). Your fund’s principal amount will be preserved within Darlington’s overall endowment; thus, your legacy will forever support Darlington and her future.
Your fund can be designated for a specific purpose, program or scholarship of your choice.
By designating a specific purpose, program or scholarship, you are able to choose what you want to support with your investment. You can also make a lasting tribute by naming your fund in honor or in memory of someone special. In designating an endowment gift for a specific purpose, the donor is encouraged to describe that purpose as broadly as possible. The donor is also asked to provide an “escape” clause that would allow Darlington freedom to make use of the designated funds in a manner most consistent with the intent of the donor and with the interests of Darlington School. Should circumstances make it impossible to apply the endowment proceeds to the purpose for which it was originally designated, a new direction of support will be selected. Whenever possible, the original donors will be given the opportunity to participate in this process.
Each named endowment fund is professionally managed.
Darlington guarantees that all endowment funds are efficiently managed for their specified purpose. Endowment funds are invested according to policies established and periodically reviewed by the Board of Trustees. Management of funds is the responsibility of investment portfolio managers selected and monitored by the Board. Donors will receive regular reports detailing contributions, income generated and Darlington’s use of earnings from the fund.
Contributions are tax-deductible.
Darlington School is a 501(c)3 organization. Gifts made to Darlington qualify the donor for a charitable income tax deduction and may reduce any applicable gift or estate taxes. The school encourages its donors to consult with their personal financial advisors and attorneys for situation-specific guidance.
You will inspire others through your support.
By naming an endowment fund, you will inspire others to establish their own named endowment funds, thereby having a greater impact on the future of Darlington School.





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