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Upper School - Glenn Learning & Teaching Center

At Darlington School, we recognize that students learn differently through a variety of learning styles. In 2006, we established a Teaching and Learning Center to help support and enhance the academic experience of all students.

Darlington’s Teaching and Learning Center provides individualized academic support to students with identified learning differences (LD, ADD, ADHD). And because we know that successful students are a product of many influential people, our learning specialists work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, coaches and support personnel to contribute to the child’s positive school experience.

Services typically include:

  • Instruction to help develop academic skills
  • Strategies for organization and planning
  • Classroom and testing accommodations
  • Collaboration with teachers and families

Levels of Support

Our learning specialists provide two levels of academic support: (1) working directly with students in the Center and/or (2) working with students in their classes.

Support Includes:

  • Developing an individualized learning profile and accommodations plan based on psycho-educational testing
  • Assessing and reviewing student progress
  • Offering small-group instruction and help
  • Integrating assistive technology
  • Providing a distraction-free and extended time location for testing
  • Supporting student self-advocacy skills
  • Supporting teachers with implementation of strategies within the classroom

Pre-K to 8

The Pre-K to 8 Teaching and Learning Center addresses emerging learning issues for children in pre-K through eighth grade. The amount of support is tailored to the individual needs of each student.

A detailed explanation of all Pre-K to 8 Teaching and Learning protocols and services can be found in the Pre-K to 8 Parent and Student Handbook.

Upper School: Glenn Teaching and Learning Center

At the Upper School, each student who receives direct support from the Glenn Teaching and Learning Center is assigned to a learning specialist, who serves as his or her academic coach. Students are scheduled to spend one period in the Center to meet with their coach. Learning specialists assist students in developing goals, identifying action steps and planning for accountability, while also helping them become better self-advocates. Coaching sessions keep students on track and allow them to quickly address obstacles that interfere with progress.

Learning specialists work closely with teachers, heads of house, deans, administrators and counselors to customize the support and accommodations for each student in their care. They also oversee classroom accommodations and collaborate with teachers to empower the students to learn effectively.

College Counseling
Learning specialists also serve as college counselors to help support the unique needs of Learning Center students during the college application process. The counselor meets with students to identify “best fit” colleges, submit appropriate documentation, and guide the student through the process.

Additionally, the director of the Glenn Teaching and Learning Center meets with students and parents to submit an application for accommodations on the SAT and AP Exams. Students and parents can also get help applying for accommodations on the ACT.

Senior Leadership and Transition
The Senior Leadership and Transition Program assists twelfth-grade students with their transition to college. During their senior year, Glenn Teaching and Learning Center students meet monthly to discuss college visits, support programs at colleges, resources that will be available and leadership opportunities. This allows the students to build a network of peers with whom they can problem solve and discuss their impending transition to college. Seniors also serve as mentors to juniors who are beginning the process.

A detailed explanation of the Glenn Teaching and Learning Center protocols and services can be found in the Upper School Parent and Student Handbook.





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