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Technology Policies

Darlington sets policies (listed to the right) to help guide the responsible use of technology by students, faculty, and visitors to campus. At all times, the main purpose of technology use at Darlington should be for educational purposes. Students using technology during academic times, such as during the school day or evening study hall, should only do so for educational purposes or at the direction of the teacher.

The Rules of the Road and Technology Acceptable Use Policy apply to all students in grades PK-12. Faculty policies and procedures are also provided.

Darlington Web Filtering Policy

Darlington uses Internet filtering software to both block access to inappropriate sites and to log all Internet activity. This filtering happens for all devices using the Darlington School campus network. It also applies to all school-issued devices both on and off campus, including tablets and laptops issued to students. The faculty policy applies to all adults on campus.

Requests for recategorization of blocked Web sites should be made to the I.T. Office and each request will reviewed individually. Student requests may require the approval of a teacher if the site is class-related. Residential student access to the Internet is turned off entirely on school nights from midnight until 6 a.m. the following morning. Note that some Internet services (such as games or video) may be blocked due to excess bandwidth consumption or incompatibility with the School's firewall. The Internet is too vast and quickly changing for any Web filter to keep up, but we do log all Internet use and expect all users to abide by the spirit of this policy.

The I.T. Office, in partnership with the Student Life and Counseling Office, analyzes this log information weekly. This is done by looking for general patterns of potential misuse as well as individual spot checks. In the case of spot checks, the parent and students will be notified of the result. In the case of any discovered issues, action taken may range from parent notification or conference, students being temporarily placed in a more restrictive filter group, or collection of the device.

CategoriesStudents PK-6Students 7-12Faculty
Adult Materials, Nudity, and PornographyBlockedBlockedBlocked
Illegal and Peer-to-Peer File SharingBlockedBlockedBlocked
Internet Filter BypassingBlockedBlockedBlocked
Malware, Phishing, Spam, and other Security RisksBlockedBlockedBlocked
Dating/Personal RelationshipsBlockedBlockedPermit
Social MediaBlockedPermitPermit





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