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Physics Boat Race

Friday, May 6, 2022 | By Maddie Chastain | 1121 views

Teams of 3-4 physics students used concepts learned in class to build boats consisting of only two 4x8-foot sheets of corrugated cardboard and 55 yards of duct tape. Two students per team sat in the boat and paddled their way across Silver Lake. Six boats out of 27 made it across the lake.  

Below are the results in minutes:

1st place - Claire Matherne and Lillian Baggett (with teammates Brock Ferguson and Gus Gammage) - 2:19

2nd place - Timmy King and Charlie Patel (with teammates Atlas Kosedag and Jeremy Charles) - 2:35

3rd place - Julia Beauchamp and Christa Jackson (with teammates Maggie Beth Jackson and Maggie Redding) - 2:38

4th place - Alden Baker and Gwyn Traylor (with teammates Hyland Thomas and Ainsley Thomas) - 2:52

5th place - Whit Molnar and Noah Duggan (with teammates Bella Bogue and Cam Pettit) - 3:15

6th place - Ezrah Allen and Andrew Chen (with teammates Sammy Kunczewski and Stephen Moore) - 4:02