Darlington School: Pollinators and Bees iPeriod 
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Pollinators and Bees iPeriod

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 | By Madigan Flournoy | 177 views

The Pollinators and Bees iPeriod has been a part of my Senior Ventures project goal. I was able to host the iPeriod during the first quarter of the year and am looking forward to hosting it again during the third and fourth quarters. Mrs. Haynes has been my teacher mentor for the Senior Ventures project and has hosted the iPeriod with me. During the first quarter of the iPeriod, we were able to paint boxes for the bees, make food for the bees, put together machinery used to spin honeycomb, and go out to care for and feed the bees. 

Four days a week, Upper School students spend 50 minutes in iPeriod, exploring topics that spark their curiosity while planning and executing large-scale collaborative projects that bring the power of learning to life. Students are enrolled in two iPeriods at a time, spending two days per week in one and two days in the other. Then at the end of seven weeks, they have the opportunity to choose two more.

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