Darlington School: Darlington's 1st "Appy Hour" 
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Darlington’s 1st “Appy Hour”

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | By Beth Wardlaw | 298 views

The Dar Tech Team held a special Fall for the Arts "Appy Hour" today, where 11 students shared different creative applications they are passionate about. Listed below are the student presenters and what they shared.

Kam Fountain: Learn how to use procreate for the iPad to elevate your drawings and create digital art and media

Kate Scott:  How to create beautiful videos on your iPhone with Inshot

Mary Kebede: 3d Modeling with TinkerCad

Jack Yang: Programming with Scratch

Andrew Wang: Learn all about the configuration of modern computer

Charlie May: Programming Art with Python

Annika Patel: How the program and poster for the Fall Play were created/designed

Kathyrn Wilson: How the art for the Fall Play advertisement was created/designed and how to use Procreate to create digital graphics 

Parker Scott: Audio Production with Logic Pro X

Ryland Scott: Learn how to amp up your photos with Photoshop and Lightroom

Caroline Warden: Graphic Design and Animation

Photos were taken by Oliver Lui, Matthew Wang, and Ansel Enverga of the Dar Tech Team.