Darlington School: Senior Ventures Spotlight: Madigan Flournoy 
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Senior Ventures Spotlight: Madigan Flournoy

Madigan Flournoy | October 6, 2021 | 113 views

For my Senior Ventures project, I will be working with the DarFarm, more specifically the bees. Most people don't know a lot about pollinators and how important they are to the Earth's ecosystem. Bees are one of the major insects in the pollination group and, without their help, there would be a major loss of plants which, in turn, would affect others in the food chain, like us.

Helping maintain and expand the DarFarm's apiary is something that is very important to me. My goals throughout working on this project include maintenance and expansions of the Pollinator Gardens, educating the school community through the Insect Expo and the Exploratory program in Pre-K to 8, doing a Pollinators and Bees iPeriod, and putting together a Saturday School where students and faculty can learn about beekeeping.

My mentors for this project are, Mrs. Jaclyn Haynes and David McDaniel. Both will help with my goals throughout the year and help guide me in the right direction through this project. A goal I have that I would like to accomplish soon will be a gallery with pictures from my iPeriod and from my working with the bees. 

Senior Ventures is a year-long academic program built on a framework of leadership, innovation and community engagement. Through a proven self-guided exploratory process, seniors whose proposals are selected for this program work independently to develop a project that’s interdisciplinary in scope and is connective, performance-based, investigative, or entrepreneurial. Click here to learn more.