Darlington School: Senior Ventures Spotlight: Nadejda Spasova 
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Senior Ventures Spotlight: Nadejda Spasova

Nadejda Spasova | September 27, 2021 | 282 views

I’ve been filming and editing random things for as long as I can remember, without ever realizing that maybe it’s more than a hobby: that it’s my passion. I went through many different dreams and goals, but at one point I realized that creating art gives me the freedom to be whoever I want to, and nothing has excited me as much ever since. Growing up where I did was not always great, so sometimes I had to find ways to escape reality. Films and music have always been my way of travelling through time and space and that’s the reason why for me music is essential in filmmaking. Last year I entered my video "The Red Thread,"  into the Rome International Film Festival. Click here to learn more about the project. 

I like the healing power of storytelling. I think every single person has a story to tell, so my mission this year is to find some of those stories and make them into something beautiful, abstract, and maybe even inspirational. I am going to create a small collection of short films. In order to make my Senior Ventures project more fun and challenging I am going to try some of the hardest styles and techniques in my videos. My Darlington mentor is Ms. Hadaway. I am going to work with Ryan Simmons, the Creative Director of Brand Red Studios. He has offered to let me tour their facilty and shadow him during a project. If you would like to share your story please feel free to contact me anytime.

Senior Ventures is a year-long academic program built on a framework of leadership, innovation and community engagement. Through a proven self-guided exploratory process, seniors whose proposals are selected for this program work independently to develop a project that’s interdisciplinary in scope and is connective, performance-based, investigative, or entrepreneurial. Click here to learn more.