Darlington School: "Flexible Fridays" are HERE!
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“Flexible Fridays” are HERE!

Melinda Holmes | April 17, 2020 | 314 views

The remaining four Fridays of the year will have a different feel and focus starting this week. Fridays are now a time for the Darlington Community to connect, to feel empowered and to engage in a variety of activities. Not only will students and faculty be able to “catch up” on outstanding work and get a jump start on assignments for the next week, but students will also have the opportunity to engage in an optional enrichment program called “Flexible Fridays” that has been developed by our faculty.


Focused around our mission and our motto, this program includes weekly activities and challenges that are broken into three categories: wisdom, service, and honor. Students can participate in enriching literacy, STEM, wellness, service, and leadership opportunities that will be shared through real-time discussions, recorded videos, and written explanations. Students may choose to engage in the “Flexible Fridays” enrichments each week or decide to use a Friday to complete their academic coursework. Parents might utilize “Flexible Fridays” activities to push their child to try something new or create their own unique challenge within their family. Fridays are designed to be flexible so that each student’s needs are met.


“Flexible Fridays” activities will not be graded but will include incentives. Students will earn points for each challenge completed by the following Thursday, and their names will be entered into a weekly drawing for a special prize. We hope these incentives will encourage student participation while also making Fridays memorable and fun.


Students may access the “Flexible Fridays” website link in their “quick links” on their student portal. The website will feature a variety of enrichment content and activities for the week. When a challenge is completed, the student will email his or her completed task to flexiblefridays@darlingtonschool.org and points will be assigned at that time. The following Friday, we will recognize students who earned points the previous week and hold our live drawing. We look forward to celebrating students and rolling out new challenges each week.


At Darlington, our goal is always to empower each and every student to learn with passion, act with integrity, and serve with respect. With programs like “Flexible Fridays,” we continue to live out this mission while differentiating ourselves during this period of distance learning.

Should you have any questions about “Flexible Fridays,” please email flexiblefridays@darlingtonschool.org and a member of our academic resources team will get back with you quickly.