Darlington School: Fine arts awards presented at annual assembly

Fine arts awards presented at annual assembly

April 11, 2017 | 580 views

The following awards were presented at Darlington’s annual Fine Arts Assembly in Morris Chapel on Monday, April 10:

Band Awards

Woodwind Achievement Award - Tejas Reddy

Brass Achievement Award - David Hagler

Percussion Achievement Award - Nora Winkler

Outstanding Contributions in Concert Band -  Gabby Jones

Outstanding Contributions in Stadium Band - Nicholas Jones

Outstanding Contributions in Winter Musical Pit Orchestra - Sam Kim

9 Years of Continuous Service - Hayes Spence, Zane Anderson, Gianna Pieroni

Orchestra Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Orchestra - Tristin Wright, Morgan Adams

Outstanding Contribution in Orchestra - Cosima Meilinger

Spirit of the Orchestra - Lawson Blake, Jack Eady

Choral Spirit Awards

Concert Choir - Miju Obanikoro, Hillary Tunnell, Jasper Wedemeyer, Billy Biscoe

Men’s Ensemble - Neal yin, Chandler Pittman, William McClain

Ladies' Ensemble - Chloe Duck, Lily Porterfield


Visual Arts Awards

Congressional Art Competition Submissions: Sara Bailey Yoder, Hannah Jones, Callie Maffett, George Zhang and Mamie Johnson

Media Arts Awards

Excellence in Inkslinger Contributions -  Chandler Edge, Tammy Yan, Madison Vaughn

Excellence in Darlingtonian Contributions - Matthew McConnell, Abby Sklar, Trang Khuc

Excellence in Jabberwokk Contributions -  Katherine Gu, Sam Ding, Claire Anderson

Quill & Scroll Awards

Avery Smith in the People division for "From Wheelchair to Olympics"

Claire Anderson in the Sports division for "Don't Rock the Boat"

JC Wang in the Feature Photo division for "Echo"

Sam Ding in the Academic Photo division for "Ni Hao From the Other Side"

Kallan Kinsey in the Academic division for "Dar Farmville"

Abigail Smith in the People division B for "Your Passion Never Fades"j

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - Georgia Art Award Winners

Ishani Desai, Silver Key, Painting, "An Evening in Nashville"

Sam Ding, Silver Key, Photography, "Lunch"

Sam Ding, Silver Key, Photography, "Sunset"

Sam Ding, Honorable Mention, Photography, "Terminal"

Chandler Edge, Honorable Mention, Short Story, "Silence"

Katherine Gu, Gold Key, Poetry, "Shanghai 1949"

Katherine Gu, Honorable Mention, Photography, "It's not a homeless life for me"

Katherine Gu, Honorable Mention, Photography, "Doom"

Marissa Joseph, Silver Key, Journalism, "Calling All Students of Color: We Hear You "

Matthew McConnell, Gold Key, Photography, "Scorched Earth"

Matthew McConnell, Gold Key, Photography, "Sprint"

Matthew McConnell, Gold Key, Photography, "American"

Matthew McConnell, Silver Key, Photography, "Punt"

Gracie Padgett, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir, "Edelweiss"

Anabelle Scarborough, Honorable Mention, Photography, "Frozen"

JC Wang, Gold Key, Photography, "Utopia"

JC Wang, Gold Key, Photography, "Light"

JC Wang, Silver Key, Photography, "Ascending"

JC Wang, Silver Key, Photography, "Subway"

JC Wang, Honorable Mention, Photography, "Window Shutter"

JC Wang, Gold Key, Portfolio, "Minimalism in Architecture"

Tammy Yan, Gold Key, Photography, "Smoke"

Tammy Yan, Gold Key, Photography, "Foshan"

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - National Award Winners

JC Wang, Gold Medal , Future New, “Burn Down The Reminiscence”

JC Wang, Silver Medal, Future New, “Containment”

Matthew McConnell, Silver Medal, Photography, “Sprint”


Theatre Awards

Best Ensemble Actress - Stacy Chen

Best Ensemble Actor - Griffin Wheeler

Best Supporting Actress - Miju Obanikoro

Best Supporting Actor - Nolan Wilson   

Outstanding Contribution to Darlington Theatre -  MaTyah Jackson, Junior Karapong, Ellen Jiang, Alan Shorey and Chandler Edge

Honor Societies

National Art Honor Society: Claire Anderson, Abby Bailey, Ella Carpenter, Samanda Cox, Ellie Flynn, Kelsey Garrett, Michaela Hu, Hannah Jones, Callie Maffett, Josi McKibbon, Long Nguyen, Chris Rahming, Lauren Roberson, Maddie Sabourin, Evan Santos, MacKenzie Smallwood, Emily Taylor, JayJay Ugbe, Lisa Van Susteran, James Wofford and Jonathan Zhang

Quill and Scroll Journalism Honor Society:  Ishani Desai, Chandler Edge, Natalie Horah, Marissa Joseph, Grace Lester, Matthew McConnell, Anabelle Scarborough, Caroline Temples, Grace Waghsul and Jamila Wood

Quill and Scroll Awards of Honor (membership 2+ years plus editor role): Claire Anderson, Annabelle Braden, Sam Ding, Kate Flory, Katherine Gu, Georgi McCauley, Farrin Mumpower, Gracie Padgett, Abby Sklar, Abigail Smith, Madison Vaughn and Emily Orr

Tri-M Music Honor Society: Morgan Adams, Amerlia Allen, Sara Berry, Billy Biscoe, Travis Black, Lawson Blake, Madelyn Bou, Andy Brunt, Andy Brunt, Jacqueline Cline, Caroline Cordell, Sam Ding, Jack Eady, Lexie Floyd, Tom Guo, Alli Hagler, Olivia Harper, Spencer Herring, Gibson Hicks, Natalie Horah, Maggie Inman, Raechel Irby, Morgan Ivester, Mamie Johnson, Rosalee Kelley, Amy Kim, David Kim, Thompson Liu, Cosima Meillinger, Ram Miniyar, Long Nguyen, Harris Peek, Jonathan Pieroni, Julian Porto, Tejas Reddy, Donna Ren, Tanner Shadday, Ivan Tran, Giulia Verzino, Jasper Wedemeyer, Ingrid Wu and Tammy Yan

International Thespian Society

Thespians: Amelia Allen, Sara Berry, Brie Bishop, Holt Brewster, Abby Burris, Bryson Collier, Samanda Cox, Jack Eady, Amber Fields, Forrest Flammer, Kate Flory, Michael Hall, Aaryn Ijames, Chatchai Karapong, David Kim, Nick Powell, Avery Smith, Giulia Verzino, Elva Wang, Abigail Yerke and Nina Zhou

One-Star Thespians: Zane Anderson, Stacy Chen, Olivia Harper, Morgan Ivester, Amy Kim, Gianna Pieroni, Anabelle Scarborough, Rainey Scarborough, Alan Shorey, Emily Taylor, Hillary Tunnell, Nora Winkler, Jamila Wood and Tammy Yan

Two-Star Thespians: Kathryn Chunn, Sarah Flaniken, Maggie Inman, MaTyah Jackson, Ellen Jiang, Stella Miao, Long Nguyen, Olamiju Obanikoro, Tejas Reddy and Fifi Tran  

Three-Star Thespians: Gabrielle Jones, Ian Kinney and Caroline Schrum

Five-Star Honor Thespians: Carson Barnes and Chandler Edge  

Seven-Star Honor Thespian: Palesa Molapo  

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