Darlington School: Through the Eyes of a Tiger: An Interview with Mr. Collier
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Through the Eyes of a Tiger: An Interview with Mr. Collier

Emily Orr | February 22, 2015 | 394 views

Patrick Collier ('08) has taught Middle School history since 2014, in addition to coaching Middle School football. He holds a B.S. in General Social Science Education from Auburn University and completed his student teaching in U.S. History at Dadeville High School in Tallapoosa, Ala. In college, Collier mentored an elementary school student for two years through Auburn's Project Uplift. Since moving back to Rome, he has spent a great deal of time at Darlington as a substitute teacher and community coach (football and track), while also being employed as a wrangler at Barnsley Gardens.

What is it like to share the bond of Darlington with your family, more specifically your mother?
Darlington has been a huge part of not only my life, but my family's life as a whole. My brother, sister, and I all are graduates of Darlington. I believe that the teachers and coaches I had while attending Darlington as a student had a huge effect on who I am today. My mom teaching and working here was a huge reason on what brought me back. I always saw how happy she was working here, and how she enjoyed the environment as whole. She has been very helpful in giving me pointers and ideas of what to do in my classroom. It has been very neat to see what has changed and what has remained the same since I left here.
How long have you been a part of the Darlington Community? 
I have been a part of the Darlington Community since I was in third grade. During college and after college I would often come back and community coach in both track and football when I was able to. When it comes to actually working at Darlington, this is my first school year.
What do you enjoy most within your average school day?
I would say that what I enjoy the most in the average school day is the chance to interact with the students, both in class and outside. While I really enjoy being able to teach the students and coach many of them, it is always to nice to talk and connect with the students about something other than what is going on in class. The students each have their own unique personality, with each one being different from the next.
What do you enjoy doing after school? What are your hobbies?
One of the main things that I enjoy doing after school when I am not coaching is getting out of town and going to different places. I often try to go and see old friends from college or high school on the weekends that I have free.
What is your favorite class to teach and why? 
I would say that my favorite class to teach would be any class that I have the chance to teach some type of U.S. History. I was fortunate enough to be able to teach some type of U.S. History in both my grade levels this year. While I get to focus on the United States as whole in my seventh-grade class, I am able to focus mainly on Georgia throughout the history of the United States in my sixth-grade class. It has been fun to see the larger picture of the United States' history, and then see how Georgia had an impact on our country's history.
What is your favorite sport to coach and why? 
My favorite sport to coach would be football. While I enjoy coaching both football and track, football has always been my favorite. I really enjoy the whole atmosphere of football; from the hot summer workouts to the cold Friday night games. I am lucky enough to help coach both Middle School and varsity football. I am looking forward to seeing how the Middle School players that I had this year will end up turning out when they are juniors and seniors playing on Friday nights.