Darlington School: Teaching & Learning Best Practices Spotlight: Jody Deaton
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Teaching & Learning Best Practices Spotlight: Jody Deaton

Renee Hutchins | November 4, 2013 | 390 views

During a lesson on the numbers 1-10, Early Learning Academy teacher Jody Deaton demonstrated multiple strategies for reaching all the learners in her class.

She linked literature with mathematics by reading the book "Anno's Counting Book."
The children enjoyed learning through various centers. At one center, the students used play dough to form numerals. They made play dough dots to correspond to the numbers. At another learning center, the students played a game with dice. They rolled the dice and chose a corresponding number of supplies to place in a backpack. Students identified shapes at another center. They created patterns using various shapes and colors. 

Through the use of literature, centers, games, and hands-on activities, Jody engaged her students in a math lesson using strategies to address visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic learners. Her lesson also addressed the needs of students with various learning challenges. Great job, Jody!

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