Darlington School: Global Studies

Global Studies Program

Reach far beyond our gates and discover
your place in the global community.

Our world is expanding more rapidly than ever before. As globalization becomes increasingly relevant in our daily lives, Darlington knows that you can't just talk about being a global citizen - you have to live it. That's why we've designed a program of academic study and experiential learning with a focus on international travel that helps students become contributors to the world around them.
Graduates of Darlington’s Global Studies Program don't just know about global issues, they understand them from seeing different perspectives in context with empathy for problems facing the world community developed through human experiences.
Students who meet all the requirements of the program by March of their senior year will graduate with a Global Studies Certificate in addition to their Darlington diploma.

Program requirements

The Global Issues/International Law course provides a foundation for understanding major global issues that are shaping the future. Global Issues will consist of a study of the global crisis map, both present and recent past crises, including political, military, cultural/ethnic, environmental, economic, race, and gender-related issues. International Law will cover topics such as international humanitarian law/law of armed conflict, law of the sea and air space, the functioning of the United Nations (including when law and morality appear to conflict), law relating to combating terrorism, and law related to interrogation and torture. Students may also take AP Comparative Government and Politics their senior year. This course focuses on government forms and practices outside of the United States.
Students who complete Level 3 by their sophomore year will be required to take one of the following their junior year: Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language and Culture or AP Spanish Literature and Culture.
In grades 11 and 12, Global Studies participants must be members of Model UN. This includes participating in the second session iPeriod and attendance at the competition is required. Freshmen and sophomores are also highly encouraged to participate.
Travel abroad, conduct research and complete a documentary project designed to experience other cultures and societies in an authentic way, while making new connections and exploring global issues. Students will submit a proposal to the world languages department chair for an international travel experience that aligns with the goals of the program. Once approved, the student will complete a video documentary project with a presentation component. The completed project is due on April 1 of the student’s senior year.
Complete and present a documentary project to the Darlington Community at the Global Studies “Screen on the Green” event in April. This is a senior showcase screening of senior candidates’ capstone project: video documentaries investigating global issues abroad. After presenting, students will engage the community in a question and answer session about their experiences abroad.
For more information about Darlington School's Global Studies Program, please contact Crystal Cleveland.