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  Teaching Difficult Topics in the Classroom
Academics > by Melissa Smyly, Monday, 10/30/2017
I have always felt that it is extremely important to teach students how to be comfortable having conversations about difficult topics, because dialogue not only answers questions, but also breaks down some of the walls that are built simply from ignorance on a topic.
  Design Thinking Hurriane Relief Project Funds Donors Choose Projects for Schools
Academics > by Tigger Frix, Tuesday, 10/24/2017
The Upper School Design Thinking class and the Pre-K to 8 Service Committee recently donated the nearly $7,000 collected from our school community to schools affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
  Keep Your Head Up!
Academics > by Julie Fine, Monday, 10/23/2017
In this busy world that's full of distractions, it's easy to lose focus of the things that are important. Fifth-graders focus on four phrases Mr. Bell coined to help us remember to make the most of every moment: arrive, connect, press on, and keep your head up.
  Professional Development Spotlight: Hip Hop, Harper Lee and a Geodesic Dome
Academics > by Karen Bennett, Wednesday, 9/27/2017
What do hip hop, Harper Lee and a geodesic dome have in common? They all involve some type of intellectual risk-taking when it isn’t popular, doesn’t fit the mold, or precedes social change.
  Eclipses, Hurricanes, and Skittles…Oh, My!
Academics > by Alice Clements, Friday, 9/22/2017
I must admit that I was a bit nervous about stepping back into the classroom full time after having been retired for three years. I am happy to report that my first month of teaching in the 3-5 science lab has been filled with many unique teaching opportunities, and it has been so rewarding to me already.
  Professional Development Spotlight: A STEM Playground
Academics > by Beth Wardlaw, Wednesday, 9/20/2017
Thanks to the Thatcher Faculty Development Fund, this summer I was able to attend the International Society for Technology in Education conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  Don't Take the Pencil: The Importance of Letting Students Struggle
Academics > by Molly Jordan, Friday, 9/15/2017
How do you let your students struggle? What does a pencil have to do with struggling? In second grade, a tremendous amount.
  3rd Grade Parents Share Summer "Homework"
Academics > by Steve McConnell, Friday, 9/8/2017
Our third grade parents had a summer homework assignment this year. We asked them to share a welcome letter with their new third-graders. Third grade is a pivotal year for our students and we wanted our parents to share their insights, words of encouragement, hopes and dreams for their new third graders!
  Helping Your Child Struggle
Academics > by Chad Woods, Thursday, 8/24/2017
How does struggling with a math problem prepare Darlington students for life?





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