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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Coosa International Tennis Academy?
All boys and girls in middle and high school, including both Darlington and non-Darlington students, are welcome to participate. Focus is on the student-athlete who is interested in obtaining a premier college-preparatory experience and an elite tennis academy experience at the same time.

How much does it cost to participate in Coosa International Tennis Academy?
CITA training fees vary depending on the selected program and any additional personal training or sports psychology needs. Travel expenses are not included CITA’s annual training fees. Contact for specific information on program fees.

How often do Coosa International Tennis Academy members train?
CITA players train five days a week Monday through Friday from approximately 4 to 6:15 p.m. Optional weekend training and match play may be scheduled with transportation provided.

What is Coosa International Tennis Academy’s training philosophy?
We employ a training schedule based upon periodization cycles of rest and high levels of training to help each player maintain motivation, build confidence, and move from one level to the next efficiently and effectively. We train the whole player – from technique and tactics to overall fitness, proper nutrition and a positive mindset.

What is the typical Coosa International Tennis Academy training session like?
Each session begins with a warm-up run and dynamic stretching and flexibility drills that focus on speed and agility as well as technical development. Sessions typically end with competitive games built around the training topic of the day.

Where do Coosa International Tennis Academy members train?
CITA players train primarily at Coosa Country Club on their six clay or five newly resurfaced hard courts, or secondarily on Darlington’s 12 hard courts on campus. Players have complete access to the Huffman Memorial Athletic Center, a $16 million, 96,000-square-foot facility with a natatorium, indoor track, weight room, swimming pool, and four basketball courts.

What type of medical support do Coosa International Tennis Academy players receive?
Darlington School has a contract with Floyd Medical Center to provide medical services. Floyd provides full-time athletic trainers, physical therapists, orthopedists and weekly doctor’s visits for our students and players.

What type of college guidance do Coosa International Tennis Academy members receive?
All players who are Darlington students are supported by the school’s full-time college guidance staff and their resources. The CITA staff also contacts coaches directly; tracks grades and extracurricular activities; and reviews video, player profiles so that these items can be shared with the schools in which the player is interested.

How does Coosa International Tennis Academy help players achieve success?
A love of the game is paramount to succeed in any program. CITA accepts all student-athletes with a passion to play. With that in mind, CITA’s elite training program paired with Darlington’s rigorous college-preparatory offerings push each member to reach his or her potential – whether that is to play recreationally, or to strive for the college game or beyond. Participants train nine months per year with highly qualified staff and compete in many top-ranked tournaments regionally, nationally and internationally.





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