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Global Studies Program

As globalization becomes increasingly relevant in our daily lives, Darlington has designed a program that – through a broad range of academic coursework and unique international travel experiences – helps students become global citizens. Graduates of Darlington’s Global Studies Program will have acquired an understanding of world issues from different perspectives, a sense of their own roles as global citizens, and empathy with the problems facing the world community.

Students may enroll in Darlington’s Global Studies Program their junior year. Those who meet all the requirements of the program by the end of their senior year will graduate with a Global Studies Certificate in addition to their Darlington diploma.

Program Requirements

Students on the Global Studies track will be required to…


Take a Global Issues course, which will provide a foundation for understanding major global issues that are shaping the future. Six themes will be explored, including global challenges, economics, international business, politics, cultural diversity, and science and technology


Take AP Comparative Government and Politics their senior year. This course focuses on government forms and practices outside of the United States.


Take one of the following identified electives in each of the areas below:

  • Fine Arts: Art History, Introduction to Media Arts, or Concert Choir or Band
  • History: World Religions, AP World History, or AP European History
  • Math: Probability and Statistics or AP Statistics
  • Science: Environmental Science or AP Environmental Science

Attend a minimum of two lectures in Darlington’s Global Speaker Series during their time at Darlington. This lectureship series will feature qualified professionals speaking on topics such as global politics, religion, international business and the environment.


Complete three years of a world language in high school. Students who complete Level 3 of a world language by their sophomore year will be required to take one of the following their junior year: French 4, Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language or AP Spanish Literature.


Attend on seven week Global Studies iPeriod session.


Complete a study or project abroad that will allow them to experience other cultures and societies in an authentic way while making new connections and establishing relationships. Students will submit a proposal to the Global Studies Committee for any international travel experience that aligns with the goals of the program. Once approved, the student will be assigned a specific project with a presentation component. This option does not garner college credit, but is another way to fulfill the travel requirement of the program.

For more information about Darlington School’s Global Studies Program, please contact Crystal Cleveland.

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