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Founded in 1905, Darlington School is a coeducational day (PK-12) and boarding (9-12) school serving over 800 students. Darlington’s campus stretches over 400 acres, nestled around a small lake in the foothills of the Lookout Mountain Range in Rome, Georgia, a medical center and college town located one hour from Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our school community represents an average of 25 states and 30 countries worldwide. A Darlington employee thrives on team work and takes initiative, exhibits a commitment to the school, community and its mission and is a life-long learner. Our students are the center of all that we do and, together, we challenge them to learn with passion, act with integrity, and serve with respect.

Application Procedure

Darlington School's hiring needs are normally not determined until the end of February or early March. During this time frame, we will have a clearer picture of availability and will begin our search process.

Please submit cover letter, resume, and any supporting materials as a single PDF file to Carrie Eady, Human Resources Manager, at No phone calls please.


Employee benefits include retirement annuity, comprehensive major medical, term life insurance, disability insurance, credit union, meals, flexible benefits plan, supplemental retirement annuity and faculty study grants.

Faculty Duties

    • Five (5) classes
    • Coach class
    • Two (2) preparations
    • Class preparation–often 2 hours nightly
    • Grades due every four (4) weeks
    • Substituting in department
    • Comments written on students three (3) times annually
    • Advising students (6-10)
    After-School Duties
    • Coaching or Lifetime Fitness
    Dormitory Duties (if hired as residential faculty)
    • Once every seven (7) days approximately (weekends as well as weekdays)
    Assorted Duties:
    • Weekend/campus activities
    • Monthly faculty meetings
    • Committee meetings
    • Ticket duty
    • Admissions duties
    • Parents Weekend
    • Dance duty


Librarian, Early Learning Academy(ELA) - 8th Grade

Job Description:

The ELA-8th Grade Librarian values and fosters the understanding that the library is the defining component of the school’s intellectual identity and ethos. The librarian is committed to providing a student-centered learning environment that promotes creativity and encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and intellectual curiosity. The ELA-8th Grade Librarian maintains a collection that is multidisciplinary and multimedia, including books, eBooks, audiobooks, DVDs, reference items and periodicals for both students and faculty. The philosophy of Darlington’s Joanne G. Yancey ELA-8th Grade Library is that lifelong learning is promoted through the love of reading and of technology.

Responsibilities Include the Following:

As a TEACHER, the ELA - 8th Grade Librarian instructs students on a formal and informal basis in skills related to navigating the library, reading with purpose, the research process, ethical responsibilities of scholarship, and presenting and applying information.

  • Integrates information skills throughout the school’s instructional program.
  • Plans, teaches, evaluates, and reinforces instruction designed to make students and staff effective creators and users of information.
  • Assists teachers in promoting reading and provides reading experiences for students.
  • Promotes lifelong learning by fostering positive attitudes toward libraries and by working to develop students’ reading, viewing, listening, and critical thinking skills.
  • Monitors rights and responsibilities of users relating to the generation and flow of information and ideas, i.e. Copyright Law, confidentiality/privacy, and intellectual freedom.
  • Participates in grade level curriculum design and assessment.

As an INFORMATION SPECIALIST, the the ELA - 8th Grade Librarian provides access to information and ideas by assisting students and faculty in identifying information resources and in interpreting and communicating intellectual content.

  • Makes resources available to students and teachers through a systematically developed and organized collection of library materials.
  • Keeps abreast of current literature by reading review journals and other selection sources.
  • Maintains flexible circulation, loan, and use policies that ensure equity of access for all users.
  • Assures access to information resources by providing an accurate and efficient retrieval system.
  • Implements policies that respect the rights of patrons and unrestricted access to information.
  • Assists all users in identifying, locating, and interpreting information.
  • Arranges for flexible scheduling of facilities, collections to meet the needs of individuals, small groups, and whole classes for research, browsing, recreational reading, viewing or listening.
  • Promotes and assists with the effective use of instructional technology.

As an INSTRUCTIONAL PARTNER, the the ELA - 8th Grade Librarian joins with teachers and others to identify links across student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a wide variety of print, non-print, and electronic information resources.

  • Builds relationship through participation in team meetings and special committees.
  • Takes a leading role in developing policies, practices, and information literacy curriculum that guides students to develop a full range of information and communication abilities.
  • Plans units and lessons collaboratively with teachers.
  • Helps students safely and intellectually navigate the Internet and other technology.

As a PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR, the ELA - 8th Grade Librarian provides leadership in the planning, management, and evaluation of school library programs.

  • Directs, organizes, and supervises the services essential to a library program centered on students’ needs and the instructional goals of the school.
  • Initiates and maintains formal contacts with the ELA-8 division’s administrators and teachers to evaluate library programs, facilities, materials, and equipment.
  • Prepares financial plans for the ELA-8th Grade Library, including an annual budget.
  • Establishes and maintains an environment in the library in which students and faculty can work at productive levels.
  • Communicates the philosophy and mission of the library program to students, faculty, administration, and parents.
  • Establishes relationships with colleagues, students, and parents that reflect recognition and respect for every individual.
  • Participates in the recruiting, hiring, and training of other professional, paraprofessional, clerical, student, and volunteer staff in the library.
  • Continually updates professional expertise necessary to function effectively in the librarian role.
  • Networks with other professionals through local, state, and national organizations.

In addition to the abovementioned duties and responsibilities, the ELA - 8th Grade Librarian carries out and/or manages all basic day-to-day responsibilities in the library and duties within the division.

  • Facilitates circulation of materials by checking materials in and out, renewing materials, managing holds, and troubleshooting the library self-checkout station.
  • Communicates with members of the school community regarding overdue materials.
  • Performs copy cataloging or original cataloging and processes new materials.
  • Orders books, processing materials, display materials, office supplies, and any other resources necessary for the function of the library and its programs.
  • Shelves books, tidies the library, and performs general library cleaning and maintenance.
  • Creates displays to promote library materials, programming, and philosophies.
  • Plans, prepares, markets, and facilitates library programs and special events, including (but not limited to) book clubs, summer reading incentive programs, and author visits.
  • Performs weekly division duties, which may include helping with arrival or dismissal, supervising breaks or lunch, or facilitating after-school study halls.
  • Acts as a student adviser.


The librarian serving grades ELA-8th holds an MLS or an equivalent master’s degree in library science from an accredited college or university. The librarian is responsible for supporting information literacy instruction, including reading, writing, and technology skills. The librarian works closely with the Director of Library Services to support the mission of Darlington School and with the Director of the ELA-8 Division to provide a program that nurtures every student’s success.


Math Teacher, 6th–8th Grade

Job Description:

The classroom teacher at Darlington School must hold a B. A., B.S., or higher from an accredited college or university. Teachers are responsible for five key result areas: classroom management, curriculum development, parent relations and communication, student relations and communication, and personal and professional staff development. Teachers work closely with the ELA-8 Director, Dean of Studies, and Dean of Students to support the mission of Darlington School and provide a program that nurtures every child’s success at Darlington School.

The math teacher may be responsible for teaching 6th grade mathematics, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra 1 students in grades 6, 7, or 8 on a daily basis.

Responsibilities Include the Following:

  • Provides multiple methods of assessment that demonstrate knowledge, skill, and understanding
  • Skilled in Inquiry based lessons and questioning
  • Uses different teaching strategies and creates learning opportunities that address different learning styles
  • Integrates technology in instructional strategies
  • Develops cross-curricular units with 6-8 team members
  • Collaborates to integrate curriculum with science teachers
  • Aligns content with Mathematics Department teachers
  • Attends faculty meetings, planning meetings, parent conferences, etc.
  • Supports the events of Tiger Pride
  • Takes initiative for personal and professional staff development
  • Supervises students
  • Assists with special events
  • Assists with the morning and afternoon carline duty
  • Submits grades for interims and report cards
  • Communicates effectively with colleagues and parents


  • Willingness to model the distinct mission of Darlington School
  • Undergraduate degree in teaching field and/or acceptable transcript that demonstrate competency in field
  • Ability and willingness to participate in school life outside the classroom (coaching, sponsoring clubs, etc.)
  • Prior teaching experience preferred
  • A deep understanding and compassionate for students in the middle grades
  • Ability and willingness to work as a team player
  • Comfort with on-going improvement and change that has the potential to enhance student achievement


Personal Counselor, Upper School

Job Description:

Darlington’s counselors prepare and support students so they can participate at their highest level in their own educational journey. Our counselors fully support the mission of the school and masterfully engage each student in their fulfillment of The Tiger Way.

  • The Tiger Way leads me to a life of wisdom, service and honor. It encourages me to value and take pride in the Darlington Community by reaching inside myself to learn with passion, act with integrity and serve with respect.
  • Living The Tiger Way prepares me for a successful life, no matter how I choose to measure success.
  • By doing so, The Tiger Way acts as a catalyst, pushing me ever forward to an extraordinary life.

Furthermore, Darlington’s Counseling Department is expected to strive for the following expectations:

  • Assists students to make sound and workable decisions by helping the student to think critically based on his/her situation and/or circumstances.
  • Allows students to express their concerns fully and completely and in confidence.
  • Collaborates with the Dean of Student Life to support students who are identified through the school’s Health Track or through the disciplinary process.
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times, unless there is a clear danger to the student or community.
  • Communicates, when appropriate and with the student’s permission, with teachers, parents, or other students to ensure complete coverage and understanding of the problem.
  • Serves as a resource for students, parents, and faculty.
  • Refers, with parent permission, students to other health services in the community, as indicated.
  • Supports the admissions department in review of psychological testing, perspective student interviews, and communication with therapist, as indicated.
  • Acts as the school’s designee for the mandatory reporting of abuse or suspicion of abuse.
  • Works with the Teaching and Learning Center to develop plans for student success.
  • Maintains confidential files on students seen through the counseling office.
  • Is an integral member of the Emergency Response Team.

As a member of the Student Life Team, Darlington’s Counselors are primarily responsible, in collaboration with their fellow counselors, for:

  • Assessing and maintaining the social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Working closely with The Dean of Student Life, Division Director, Heads of House, teachers, and parents to support the welfare of all Darlington students.
  • Creating programs that will educate the faculty on ways that they can better support the needs of the community.

The personal counseling program is designed to address issues such as:

  • Child and Adolescent adjustment issues
  • Peer and family relationships
  • Stress management
  • Grief
  • Substance Abuse education and active support of the school’s Preventative Testing Program
  • Create a Residential Life Curriculum designed to support students and house parents through discussions


The ideal candidate will hold a bachelor’s degree in the content area; a master’s degree is preferred. Darlington seeks candidates who can contribute to the academic and extra curricular life of the school.


Spanish Teacher, Upper School

Job Description:

The World Languages Department at Darlington School seeks an experienced Spanish teacher for the 2015-2016 school year. This educator would join a dynamic environment of teaching professionals who are continuously growing and collaborating. The candidate must be open to learn from his/her colleagues and is comfortable sharing ideas and collaborating with their colleagues. The candidate must also demonstrate fluency and extensive knowledge of important concepts in the discipline and how they relate to other disciplines.


The ideal candidate will have classroom teaching experience at the high school level and holds a bachelor’s degree in the content area, though a master’s degree is preferred.

Responsibilities Include the Following:

  • Supports the school’s goal to use language immersion in the classroom, projects and presentations
  • Provides individual, group and project based learning instruction designed to meet individual needs and help the students make satisfactory achievement in school
  • Delivers clear instruction and differentiates instruction according to diverse student needs
  • Conveys a high degree of genuine enthusiasm for the content and learning
  • Designs activities in a coherent progression
  • Actively obtains diagnostic information from students regarding their understanding of the content and monitors their progress
  • Uses assessments results to plan and adjust future instructions
  • Provides opportunities for students to assess their own learning
  • Plans and delivers instructions to meet the needs of a culturally diverse student body
  • Makes extensive and creative use of available technology
  • Creates an effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays such as bulletin boards, interest centers, artwork, etc
  • Models, shares and initiates best practices, concept and content knowledge and understanding with colleagues
  • Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve health and learning problems

Darlington seeks candidates who can contribute to the academic and extra curricular life of the school. Preference will be given to teachers who have international experience and can support the other programs within the World Language department.


Technology Integration Coordinator, PK - 12th Grade

Job Description:

The Technology Integration Coordinator leads efforts across the school, in and out of the classroom, to support technology curriculum, instruction, and integration efforts and activities in all divisions. He/she will explore and present new initiatives to help faculty integrate technology into their curriculum. The coordinator oversees the program PK-12, works with the Technology Integration Specialist for PK-8, and provides divisional support for grades 9-12. Curriculum development, professional development, student safety, and parent education are some of the major focuses of the position. Additional responsibilities include supporting learning management systems and teaching technology classes.

Responsibilities Include the Following:

Curriculum/Classroom Integration

  • Collaborate in curriculum development with a full awareness of digital skills needed PK-12.
  • Collaborate in development of information literacy skills taught both in isolation and within core classes.
  • Work with individual faculty members to help them integrate technology into their teaching and professional lives.
  • Explore and present new initiatives involving appropriate uses of technology in the classroom and school.
  • Maintain expertise in education and technology issues and applications and share this expertise as appropriate with faculty, students, and parents.
  • Coordinate, work with, plan, or lead special programs as needed by the school, such as broadcasting, communications, robotics, STEAM, or Makerspace.
  • Insure parents are involved in the technology integration program and understand its goals and purposes.

Professional Development

  • Work closely with teachers in developing personal learning plans and provide support for achieving those plans.
  • Design and deliver professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, including professional development and new faculty orientation.
  • Design, develop, and maintain online learning environments, including collaboration and knowledge-sharing spaces.
  • Establish systems for educators to access, preview, or receive training in hardware usage and software applications.
  • Help establish goals and track progress of technology professional development.

Technology Support

  • Implement and support the 1:1 program, including distribution of devices, student and parent training, conflict resolution, and ongoing communication and development
  • Assist with the selection, acquisition, and use of electronic resources and textbooks
  • Advise on all technology purchases related to curriculum. Work with the I.T. department to research, recommend, purchase, and maintain educational technology assets
  • Provide assistance on first-level technical questions, instructional applications, software, and general issues
  • Assist with developing, maintaining, and communicating policies which govern faculty and student use of technology


  • An understanding of how a school works and a desire to support Darlington’s mission.
  • A passion for the power of technology as a learning tool.
  • A model for 21st century learning skills.
  • An understanding of educational philosophy and methods.
  • An ability to communicate and work collaboratively with faculty, students, and parents in one-on-one, group, and virtual situations.
  • A commitment to ongoing professional development.


  • Experience in the classroom teaching and technology integration support.
  • A knowledge of curriculum development, specifically the role of technology within that development.
  • Demonstrated success in the planning and delivery of a range of technology integration and professional development.
  • Familiarity with national technology standards and their application.
  • Intermediate computer skills with hardware, software, and networking.
  • A relevant advanced degree and demonstrated ongoing professional growth in a school environment.


Theatre Teacher, 6th – 12th Grade

Job Description:

Darlington School is currently seeking a Theatre Teacher for 6th - 12th grade. The Theatre Teacher possesses the ability to work as a team player in the Fine Arts Department and provides opportunities for students to experience theatre in a safe and creative environment. This is a 10 month position.

Responsibilities Include the Following:

  • Teach one Theatre Arts 1 class, an Upper School beginning acting class.
  • Teach one Cinema class, a Upper School Film Studies class
  • Teach one 6th - 8th grade Theatre class and produce a program each semester.
  • Advise and lead the Darlington Players, a student theatre club, and maintain membership in the International Thespian Society.
  • Maintain costume, prop, and set organization in various storage facilities.
  • Manage and maintain Zelle Black Box Theatre for daily use and productions.
  • Cast, direct and rehearse the following productions for 6th - 12th grade levels.
    • Fall Play/One Act
    • Winter Musical with Choral Director and Instrumental Director
    • Variety/Senior Show (student led events)
    • 6th - 8th Grade Spring Production
  • An active theatre curriculum development resource for PK-8th grade level productions.


A Bachelor’s Degree with at least 3-5 years experience in teaching Theatre is preferred. Expertise in acting, directing, set design and construction as well as lighting and costumes is expected. Candidates for this position should have the ability to effectively use best practices in teaching with regards to instruction, adaptation and technology and integrating drama into other aspects of the curriculum of the school. This position requires a person committed to building and maintaining a vigorous drama program and continuing professional development to support the program. It is essential to possess the ability to work cooperatively and constructively with other staff in the Fine Arts Department.






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