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At Darlington, we believe that education is profoundly spiritual. Connecting us with truths far greater than ourselves and with wisdom far superior to our own, education at its best should fill intellectual and spiritual gaps and should challenge our students in safe and developmentally appropriate ways into an awareness not only of what they lack and need, but also of what they can become.

In the middle of a materialistic generation characterized all too often by the disintegration of institutions like the family and the church and in the absence of clear direction about what it means to surrender to a power greater than oneself, we seek to be a school that will serve the whole child — intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We further believe that Darlington is not just about what happens to our students through their senior year; Darlington is about what happens to our students for a lifetime. The training our young men and women receive while they are here will have an impact not only on their character, but also on the choices they make in life beyond our walls. As a school, we care deeply about that character and those choices, and we take very seriously the charge to create programs – like weekly chapel at the Upper School and a thriving character education program in grades PK-8 – that will shape and mold our students into leaders of a better tomorrow.

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