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The Darlington Fund is the school’s top fundraising priority because it provides for every aspect of the Darlington experience – student programs, faculty and staff development, the learning center and other student, parent, faculty and alumni programs. Please read some testimonials below from members of our community about why they give to the Darlington Fund and the impact Darlington has had on their lives. To make your gift to the Darlington Fund today please click here.

Darlington Fund Impact Testimonials

“I take immense pride in giving to our alma mater annually. I committed to give to Darlington because my years as a student instilled in me a passion for learning, serving the community and conducting my life with honor. While I may not have loved every class, I now appreciate the quality of the education and life lessons that Darlington provided. It was a fantastic foundation for me that greatly shaped who I am today. To me, donating to Darlington is a small token of my appreciation for my experience as a student. I’m honored to do so and help ensure others have the same opportunity to learn from Darlington’s superb educators in an exceptional learning environment. I support the Annual Fund every year to help make Darlington’s world-class education affordable to all students. The Annual Fund is critical to offsetting the budget, so that our alma mater can maximize its financial aid. This allows Darlington to attract the best students from across America and the globe, no matter the cost.” - Chrissy Robertson (’94, LD ’16)

“Two tremendous educators will be retiring from Darlington this year - David Powell and Craig Schmidt. Any kid in America would dream of being a student in Mr. Powell and Mr. Schmidt’s classrooms. I’m so glad the Annual Fund can make it possible for more young minds to come to Darlington and benefit from its legacy of outstanding teaching.” - Brett Henson (’07)

“I give back to Darlington because Darlington gave so much to me. Darlington exposed me to many diverse individuals and mindsets while I was a student that prepared me for what was to come after High School. Everywhere I went I could find Darlington Alumni who seemed to always be ahead of the curve and achieving to their fullest potential. No other school prepares you like Darlington does to be successful.” - Thad Mathis (’10), fourth-grade teacher

““I give because I think of this special place as my family and my home; you take care of your family and your home. For me it's not about the tangibles, the things that can be measured (academics, buildings or acres); it's about the people, the relationships, the connections, the feelings. It's about being a part of something bigger than yourself that makes you better because you are part of it. As a student here, I was Darlington and Darlington was me. I was part of a special family, I had a home. I give because I want that for my girls. I want this home and this family to last (sustain) for generations and generations and to bless them like it did me. I give for ME.” - Kathleen Hughes (’84), current parent

“26 years ago I enrolled as a student at Darlington. It was here that I learned how to learn. During my 17-year teaching career, I have worked to provide that same experience for my students. Years ago, people gave to Darlington so that students like me could benefit. Today, I give so that someone else can benefit in the future.” - Mike Hudson (’94), Upper School science teacher

“I never fully appreciated the Annual Fund until I was asked to be a part of the Annual Fund campaign several years ago. I realized the importance of giving to the Annual Fund after seeing the amount of money it takes to run the school, and what it takes to be able to offer our students opportunities that most schools only dream of. Tuition does not cover all of the extras that our students receive. It is important to remember that giving to the Annual Fund is vital. The amount given will depend on each person's financial situation, but giving is necessary.” - Allison Brooks (’79), parent of alumni

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