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Students are required to take a formal English class each year at Darlington. The four units of English consist of English 1-4. Students may be enrolled in the regular or Honors section in ninth and tenth grade, and Advanced Placement English may be substituted for English 3 in the junior year and for English 4 in the senior year. Seniors choose one of several electives by semester classes to fulfill the English 4 requirements. All classes will be year-long, and will have a similar grading scale, reading load, and writing requirement.



Students are required to take four mathematics courses in high school. The required units include Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and another course beyond Geometry. If the Algebra 1 requirement is met in middle school, then two courses beyond Geometry are required. Students without a course beyond Algebra 2 will not be eligible to receive a HOPE Scholarship.
The last math course of a student’s high school career must be taken at Darlington. 



Students are required to take three science courses in high school, one of which must be Chemistry, Physics, or Biology. At least one unit of science must be completed at Darlington. Physical Science taken in the eighth grade will be counted as a high school credit, but does not count among the three required science classes in high school. Physical Science in eighth grade does not take the place of the required Physics class as a freshman. All students are strongly advised to take at least four science courses in high school. If a student plans to enter the University System of Georgia, four years of high school science, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, are required.



Students are required to take two courses in world history and one course in American history to fulfill the required social studies units. Students are encouraged to take additional electives within the history department. 


World Languages

Three consecutive units in a world language are required for graduation, with the exemptions specified in the Graduation and Honors Requirements section of this curriculum guide.

Passing the equivalent of the first or second level of world language in grade 8 satisfies the first unit of this requirement. The subsequent two units must be completed in Upper School. All students are encouraged to pursue more units in order to become more proficient and to have greater college options.


Fine Arts

Students are encouraged to explore the various fine arts offerings and must complete one unit for graduation. Course offerings are available in visual art from beginning to advanced instruction, multimedia, graphic art, and art history. Performing arts choices include choral and instrumental music and theater.


Physical Education

Every freshman is required to take a full year of Health and P.E. combined.



The new schedule was specifically designed to create a time for students and faculty to take intellectual risks, without the pressure of grades. Every Upper School student will participate in a variety of iPeriod initiatives throughout the school year. iPeriods will push students and faculty to explore subjects that they are passionate about in creative ways. An example of an iPeriod might be engaging in a student-led entrepreneurial venture between students at Emory University and Darlington through video sessions.


Darlington 2018-2019 Course of Study:

English     Science     World Languages
English I     Biology (L)        
English I Honors   Chemistry (L)   French II  
English II     Robotics (L) Robotics Honors (L) French II Honors
English II Honors   Physics (L)     French III  
English III     Physics Honors   French III Honors
AP English Language   Environmental Science (L)   Spanish I  
English IV     Zoology (L)     Spanish II  
AP English Literature   Anatomy and Physiology (L) Spanish II Honors
      AP Chemistry (L)   Spanish III  
History     Organic Chemistry/BioChemistry Spanish III Honors
Human Geography   AP Biology (L)   Spanish IV   
AP Human Geography   AP Physics 1 (L)   AP Spanish Language & Culture
Modern World History   AP Physics C (L)   AP Spanish Literature & Culture
AP World History   AP Environmental Science  
U.S. History     (L) denotes laboratory course    
AP U.S. History          
AP Government   Fine Arts     Information Technology and Communications
AP Comparative Government Art I     AP Computer Science
Economics     Art II     Design Thinking
AP Microeconomics/AP Macroeconomics     Art III        
AP Psychology   Art IV        
Global Issues/International Law AP Studio Art   Physical Education
Sports in Society/Sports & Performance Psychology AP Music Theory   Health/Fitness
Art History     Strength & Conditioning
      Theatre Performance      
Mathematics   StageCraft        
Algebra I     Cinema        
Algebra II     Ladies’ Chorale      
Algebra II Honors   Mens’ Chorale      
Geometry     Concert Choir      
Geometry Honors   Orchestra        
Algebra III     Wind Ensemble      
Pre-Calculus     Guitar Ensemble      
Pre-Calculus Honors   Keyboard Musicianship      
Probability and Statistics     Photography      
AP Calculus (AB)   Advanced Media: Yearbook    
AP Calculus (BC)   The NewsRoom      
AP Statistics   Design Thinking      
Multi-Variable Calculus              
AP Computer Science            








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