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Darlington faculty and students continue a one-hundred-year-old tradition of challenging each other to grow into our fullest potential.

Darlington’s philosophical foundation stone is integrity of both individual and community, a foundation embodied in Darlington’s Honor Code. Darlington insists that every member of the community do his or her own work and respect the rules of community life. Our goal is to reinforce in each student the firm belief that success in every endeavor is the result of hard work honestly done, and that life in community must be based on respect for authority and the rule of law as embodied in our Judeo-Christian tradition.

Community life is abundant with service organizations, academic and athletic interest groups, spiritual fellowships, arts organizations, and residential life centered on a “house” system, where students experience small family within the life of the larger community. We offer students a variety of opportunities for leadership, service, exploration, and development as aspects of full individual development and rich community experience. Our goal is to instill in our students a respect for diversity and an ability to thrive both within and across boundaries.

Academic programs seek to be intellectually rigorous and demand the best of students at each level, but acknowledge and respect students’ differing abilities and different learning styles. We emphasize the pursuit of individual excellence. Our goal is to prepare students for a rewarding college experience and to inspire in our students a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Sports programs emphasize both team and individual sports activities and challenge our students to excel in a competitive environment. In team sports, we instill a respect for the cooperative effort and the appreciation of individual contribution to a group outcome. In individual sports, we teach the value of self-reliance and fearless competition. In all our sports activities, our goal is to teach respect for the training, dedication to the effort, and graciousness in the outcome.

The Fine Arts program aims to foster in each student an appreciation for various modes of artistic expression and to nurture a capacity for their own artistic abilities while promoting self discipline, encouraging self confidence, and therefore meeting the needs of the whole child.





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