Impact of your Annual Fund Gift

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The Impact of Your Annual Gift

The Annual Fund is Darlington School’s top fundraising priority because it supports each and every aspect of the Darlington experience. Below, students share 10 of the many things they appreciate most about Darlington. Your contribution to the Annual Fund makes all of this possible by funding 5% of all student, faculty, staff, parent and alumni programs at Darlington School. To make your gift, simply click here.

Annual Fund Impact Testimonials

“The academic experience that Darlington provides is a shining example of the hard work that our faculty members dedicate every day. In and outside the classroom, they allow the pursuit of higher learning to be a fun and enriching process.” - Daniel Morris, Grade 12

“Darlington's academic rigor holds students to a standard unparalleled by most other schools. I am confident that I will carry the knowledge and habits I have developed at Darlington with me throughout my life.” - Anna Katherine Cates, Grade 11

“We have great teachers at Darlington.” - Grant Cross, Grade 4

“The leadership opportunities I’ve had here have shown me the value of being an honorable example for others and of hard work and trust. All of that hinges on relationships with people, which I have come to realize through leadership are more important than anything else. People, including me, cherish Darlington because of the relationships it creates.” - Will Crawford, Grade 12

“Darlington’s athletic program and our coaches have taught me leadership, respect, and responsibility through hard work on the field and in the classroom.” - Griffin Brewster, Grade 8

“I look forward to Concert Choir every day. Being able to share this time with other students that love what they’re creating is such a great thing to be a part of. I have grown tremendously as a musician, and the process of getting better has been rewarding and fun.” - Julia Warren, Grade 12

“Darlington is a school that teaches and places Honor Above Everything. This emphasis on honor not only teaches us to be better students, but better people.” - Olivia Drake, Grade 11

“Technology has enabled me to reach farther to gather information in my classes. Additionally, the MakerSpace lab has introduced me into a different way of creative thinking using modern tools like 3D printers and laser cutters.” - Ian Kinney, Grade 11

“Living in the first-year experience house has helped me expand my horizons in ways I never thought possible. Not only have I learned more about different cultures, but also how to live and interact with other people – a skill that I think is so important as we prepare for college and eventually the workforce.” - Bernadette Ebri, Grade 11

“The college advisor program has been helpful beyond anything I ever expected. I find that what makes the program most successful and special is the students’ freedom to choose their own advisor from a large group of experienced teachers and college gurus, who either know or get to know each student personally and can, therefore, most effectively guide each student down the path toward college acceptance.” - Dawson Horah, Grade 12

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