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Student Records: Gradebook
Information Technology > by Stefan Eady, Friday, 9/20/2013
This video provides an overview of the purpose of the online gradebook and offers some guidelines on how to use it and also how grades are calculated.
Student Records: Assignments
Curriculum Connections > by Stefan Eady, Tuesday, 9/17/2013
This video gives an overview of how to use the class assignments section of Student Records, including how to look at past weeks and how to submit electronic assignments when required.
Student Records: Summary
Information Technology > by Stefan Eady, Tuesday, 9/17/2013
This video gives an overview of the Student Records section of the Web site, with a focus on the first summary page and how to interpret all the information provided there.
Bus Driving Training
FACULTY/STAFF > by Carrie Eady, Monday, 8/5/2013
Anyone who drives a school bus must watch this training video on safely preparing to drive a bus, take the 15-passenger van training, and complete a driving test. This help document guides you through the process.
Faculty Web Site: Gradebook 2 General Usage
Information Technology > by Stefan Eady, Monday, 6/3/2013
Learn how to enter new assignments and other ins and outs of the gradebook.
Adding Darlington Background as Start Up and Wallpaper to Computers
Information Technology > by Audra Babb, Friday, 1/25/2013
This document outlines the steps necessary to force the Darlington logo/background as the start-up screen and wallpaper on a computer.
Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute
Information Technology > by Chris Earnest, Thursday, 9/13/2012
Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute
Subscribe to a Darlington calendar feed
Information Technology > by Stefan Eady, Friday, 3/9/2012
Though Darlington's official Web site is always the best, most reliable source for up-to-date calendar information, sometimes you need the convenience of accessing calendars in other ways, such as on your phone, tablet, or other calendaring program such as Google or Outlook. Darlington provides some of its school calendars in an iCal format which allows you to view them in these other places. This help document explains how to do it.
Google Notifier
Information Technology > by Paul Bell, Tuesday, 11/1/2011
The Gmail Notifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. It will also allow you to click on email links and have them send through your Gmail.
Preparing for the change
Information Technology > by Stefan Eady, Friday, 10/7/2011
The change from Microsoft Exchange to Google involves very little work on your part, but there are a few things you can do to make it smoother.





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