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Tigers in India: The Taj Mahal

By Brad He
6/26/2013, 210 views

Before I coming to India, I had seen many pictures of the Taj Mahal -- one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It has beautiful and unique architecture. But when I went into the red castle in the distance and saw the white marble mausoleum, I was impressed by its beauty. It is nearly 600 meters from east to west and 300 meters wide (from north to south). At first sight, it is peculiar to India with its tall, red sandstone brick walls and towers. 

The front of the Taj Mahal features a red door and large banyan tree, with the building surrounded by a courtyard. In front of us was a long, narrow pool (about 300 meters long) surrounded by trees, flowers and flanked by two large lawns. The pool of water reflected the background of the blue sky, white clouds and tourists, but against the magnificent Taj Mahal it was like entering a fairyland.

Along the pond, you see the white marble on the platform in front of the semicircle -- the white Taj Mahal palace. The top of the dome is a golden pinnacle. On a pedestal stand four white marble minarets. There are four small, domed pavilion corners with a central dome, producing wonderful, serene beauty. It is said that the four towers outwardly incline 12 degrees so that it will not collapse. 

The Taj Mahal is magical because at different times of day it will transform to a different color. As we walked along the narrow pool and approached it, we saw one color. After visiting the mausoleum and exiting the gate, we looked back and saw another color. It is said that if you have time to spend the night in Agra city, the difference is obvious in the morning, at noon, in the evening and as night approaches. When morning comes, the Taj Mahal is illuminated by the glow of the sun and becomes a golden light, like a gorgeous and charming princess.

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