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Fourth Grade "Create a Colony" Project

By Molly Brewer
3/9/2012 2:18:00 PM, 1,184 views

Fourth grade student, Molly Brewer, explains the "Create a Colony" project.  Cooperative groups are responsible for completely designing a colony. They must create a colony name, flag, map, motto, and their rules and consequences.  The groups collaboratively write a travel journal, depicting their time at sea venturing to the colony, and a journal about their first year of life once they have arrived.  This entire project was completed with the use of our iPads!  Enjoy the visual explanation in Molly's iMovie!  

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Gracie Temple
7:38 PM
I love it! you explained it perfectly! Our map was on there and so was my groups colony oak tree!
Amelia Allen
8:57 AM
I loved doing those last year





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