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Someone Like You - Adele (performed by Atikka Thanioka)

By Josh Eide
12/13/2011 8:52:00 AM, 2,092 views

Senior Atikka Thanioka performs Adele's "Someone Like You" during a Concert Choir variety show. Each ensemble member performed in groups or as a solo performance. It was such a great success!

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Laurie Johnson
1:33 PM
How we miss Tikka! Her beautiful spirit epitomized the best of the international family that Darlington draws from around the globe. She brought SO MUCH to Darlington--thank heavens social media lets us stay in touch with her and with other wonderful international alums! Thanks to Kila McCann for her amazing years of finding "Tigers" around the globe and welcoming them to enrich our part of the world. The multicultural richness expanded by our international students is one of the keenest reasons we hold Darlington in high esteem as an educational system of the heart, mind, and soul!
Maggie Ashmore ’14
7:31 AM
WOW! Tikka! AWESOME!!!!





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