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Isabella Enkema ’19
Eleventh Grade

Design Thinking and Fall for the Arts

10/10/2017 8:47:00 AM, 103 views

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As a new student to Darlington, I was very excited to try new things in the Darlington Community. I decided the Design Thinking class was a perfect way to do so. In Design Thinking, I have done something new and creative everyday!

The purpose of our class is to find real world problems or challenges and solve them. I like the design thinking class because I feel as though the projects we complete are making an impact. The first one was to discover a way to collect funds for hurricane relief efforts. I helped make posters to promote this project and to encourage the Darlington Community to donate money. 

Our latest project has been to assist with the preparation and implementation of the annual Fall for the Arts event. Mrs. Kim Tunnell, director of Darlington’s Fine Arts department, visited our class so we could interview her and discover more about Fall for the Arts and what she needed us to do. We had a lot of questions for Mrs. Tunnell, and we really wanted to know how we could assist her with organizing this year's Fall for the Arts while encouraging everyone in the Darlington Community to participate. Each student in our class volunteered to complete specific tasks. 

Davis Graham took on the responsibility of creating the student and faculty and staff volunteer sign-up sheets. He sent an email to all faculty and staff members encouraging them to sign-up to volunteer for a specific activity for at least one hour during the event. Davis stated, “By having a student encourage faculty and staff participation, we are hoping more people will sign-up to assist.” This will be the first time we have had a faculty only raffle prize. All faculty and staff members that volunteer will receive a participation card to put in the raffle.

Tigger Frix sent an email to all students in grades 9-12, encouraging them to sign-up to assist. Students will receive community service hours and participation cards to place in the raffle. 

Karl Swiger had the idea to create participation cards for every activity. Students will receive participation cards, to place in the raffle, for every activity they complete. Bailey Atkins and I were responsible for preparing the cards. 

Thomas Speed will be working on the map for the event. Rene McCoy assisted Mrs. Kinney with the signs hanging around the school letting everyone know about the different activities taking place during Fall for the Arts. 

Jacob Hunt and Lawson Brown have been working on the two STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities we wanted to add to the event. Our entire class is going to assist with making slime and catapults that shoot candy pumpkins! 

I have enjoyed working on the Fall for the Arts project, and I have realized that it takes a lot of work to organize this event. I want to thank Mrs. Kinney and my class for assisting me with writing this blog! I cannot wait to attend my first Fall for the Arts on Friday, Oct. 13. 

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