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Why Start Your Education at Darlington?

Darlington School offers an innovative, more customized approach to early childhood education. Students who would traditionally enroll in pre-k, kindergarten or pre-first are instead part of Darlington’s Early Learning Academy, a progressive program in which instruction is based on the students’ individual needs.

Students in the Early Learning Academy work collaboratively on big ideas and break out into small, performance-based groups for the core areas of reading, writing and arithmetic. This allows Academy teachers to build a directed, customized curriculum that takes into account various levels of performance and builds on the students’ strengths.

The Early Learning Academy exposes all students to three highly qualified teachers who are team teaching a dynamic, cohesive curriculum. The standards, scope and sequence of the curriculum are vertically integrated with Darlington’s entire academic program, providing a solid foundation for a successful academic career at the school. Additionally, students are exposed to the teaching and learning styles that are best suited for their individual needs.

The teachers work as a team so that all students are studying the same topics at the same time, but at different levels. For instance, students may come together as a group for a lesson on weather and then break out into smaller, performance-based groups for reading and math activities that support the weather lesson. A 4-year-old student may be reading at the 5-year-old level, but may need extra support in math. The Early Learning Academy makes it possible to customize the student’s day based on his or her needs, in addition to promoting independence and self-control.

However, because developmental and social growth are just as important as academic progression, a portion of each student's day is spent in a structured, traditional classroom environment with one teacher who is the point person for parents. This traditional classroom time gives children the opportunity to spend time with peers of the same age, which is a critical part of their social development. During this time, they go to enrichment classes and focus on topics such as life skills and character education.

According to Academic Dean David Powell, “This is the next logical step in differentiation for us. Our goal is to build more creative, collaborative learners by meeting the children where they are and pushing them as far as they can go. Each student will make – at the very minimum – a year’s progress from the point he or she came in, but this ability to customize the program will actually allow students to go even further, progressing at a pace that is comfortable to them.”

Program Highlights

  • Customized curriculum that accounts for various levels of performance
  • Small group, ability-based instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Allows students to progress at their own pace
  • Exposes all students to three highly qualified teachers
  • Provides structured classroom time with peers of the same age
  • Integrates life skills and character education
  • Promotes independence and self-control
  • Builds creative, collaborative learners

If you are shopping for a pre-K or kindergarten program, download the "13 Essential Questions for Choosing a Pre-School." This free guide covers all the questions you must consider when choosing a pre-school, and offers you information on Darlington's Early Learning Academy. Use the printable worksheet to evaluate Darlington and other pre-schools for yourself.

The Early Learning Academy has a limited enrollment. For more information or to enroll your child, please contact DeLean Brandon in the Admission Office.





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